Why you need to declutter your home for better gifts

how to declutter home

Learning how to declutter your home doesn’t just help you psychologically. It also impacts people’s ability to give you more diverse gifts.

Decluttering is sort of a trendy term, which is both good and bad. It has put a spin on what we would normally call “spring cleaning”. This has gotten many people in the mood to tidy up their space. However, as with any trend, it has also pushed away some individuals.

For those who are on the fence about joining the decluttering movement, I encourage you to keep reading. Understanding the value it brings is very important.

What Is Decluttering

I compared decluttering to spring cleaning but the two aren’t entirely the same. To declutter your home not only means to clean it, but also removed unnecessary material and organize the remaining ones. The goal is to have fewer objects clashing with your physical vision. This spaciousness will go on to affect your mental well-being in a positive way.

The Mayo Clinic has an interesting article that analyzes several studies. One showed how having more stuff around can actually reduce your interest in them. In essence, having more equated to less enjoyment.

When you declutter your space it helps put emphasis on the material goods that you truly value. The brain is less occupied with comparing them and more occupied with enjoying them. I have experienced this myself when I moved and decided to used the opportunity to downsize. Having only my valuables around made them feel special and increased my satisfaction in having them.

How To Declutter Your Home

Learning how to declutter your home so gifts can stand out more is very simple. First, start by identifying your most valuable items. These should be the things that you need, rather than what you simply want. Once you have those identified, keep a note of them or even set them aside.

After that, you will need to go through and start determining what things are taking up a lot of space. Anything that is large and not necessary is a priority to remove. Getting rid of big items has an immediate impact on how you perceive the area.

Finally, move on to removing small unnecessary items. If they are still in good condition, I recommend selling or donating them. There’s no reason to create waste if it can be avoided. Sometimes small items don’t need to be removed. Instead, some simple organizing is enough to make a big difference.

To test how well you’ve decluttered your home, take a step back and run your eyes across the room. Try to notice how many things are trying to grab your attention. Any time your sight is met with more than 1-2 distractions, that’s an area that could likely be improved. Also, if you’ve decided to group your belongings, you should focus on keeping groups easy to visually define.

Once you have your space situated, you need to develop some guidelines about what you choose to buy. Usually, cluttered spaces get that way because we have a tendency to impulse buy. Learning to declutter is great but it means little if the home is reverted in a matter of time.

How Does Decluttering Affect Gifts

You are probably still wondering what decluttering has to do with the gifts you receive. Having an organized home helps on three fronts when it comes to gifts. It allows visitors to identify what you find important, lets people easily see what you do or don’t have, and it makes a gift stand out so you appreciate it more.

For example, imagine I have an organized home with very few items beyond the necessities. One of the non-essential decors in my home happens to be a houseplant. If someone were to visit and wanted to figure out a gift, it would be reasonable to assume that I like houseplants. If my houseplant was just another addition in a sea of other items, they probably wouldn’t have come to that conclusion.

Also, if they buy me a houseplant I would cherish it more because it will stand out among my highly organized space. It is easier to focus on its beauty when there aren’t other things to clash with it.

Decluttering and Minimalism Home Decor

Many people are hesitant to declutter their home, thinking it will leave it looking barren. However, decluttering and minimalism decor goes hand in hand and creates some of the most aesthetically pleasing homes you could imagine.

Minimalism home decor keeps to the core practice of a decluttered lifestyle and tries to remain trendy but functional. If you are someone that needs their space to look modern, minimalistic design is the way to go.

Odds are that you will actually find minimalism and its corresponding decor very pleasing, both mentally and physically. Choosing home decor based on functionality first and design second, makes the experience less stressful. It becomes easier to define what you need and prevents cluttering your home in the first place.

Give Decluttering a Try

So now I want to challenge you. Do your own decluttering even if it is something small. Whether it’s your bedroom or office desk, identify the essentials from the non-essentials and get rid of them. Organize your remaining items and see if it makes a difference in how you feel in the space. I bet your mind will feel a lot clearer.

I enjoyed writing this short article and hope you found some value from reading it. If you did, please give it a share. Thanks!

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