What to do when you can’t afford an Anniversary Gift

what to do cant afford anniversary gift

You aren’t alone needing to find out what to do when you can’t afford an anniversary gift. Many people live paycheck to paycheck. However, that doesn’t mean options for celebrating and appreciating your significant other don’t exist. This article will list some practical ideas to create a special gift/occasion using what you have available.

However, before we can discuss ideas it’s important to establish what makes a good anniversary gift.

What Makes a Good Anniversary Gift

If you don’t have money for an anniversary gift, you are in luck because money has nothing to do with how good a gift is. It helps open up options, but that’s all. When it comes to anniversary gifts, there are two simple but important criteria I like to follow. The gift must focus on your significant other or it must focus on the both of you. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people don’t grasp this.

If you are thinking about a gift specifically for them you need to ask yourself if your gift is for them or just for the occasion. The easiest way to explain this is by using flowers. Imagine your significant other loves Hydrangea flowers, but as a gift, you buy them roses because people are conditioned to view roses as gifts. That means you bought for the occasion, rather than for the person. Anniversary gifts specifically for them must address their interests and personal preferences.

Gifts that involve both of you can be selected more freely. These types of gifts focus on activities, shared goals, or improvements that you both would enjoy. This type of gift can vary greatly in cost. It can range from virtually nothing to incredibly expensive, all based on what you choose to do.

With that being clarified, let’s start digging into some ideas.

Best Ideas When You Can’t Afford An Anniversary Gift

Make their favorite meal

Unless they have a taste preference for 5-star dining, making their favorite meal is usually just a few ingredients beyond what is already in the kitchen. This can be a fun treat for just them or an intimate meal for both of you. Consider whether you want to spoil them with meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or focus on one extravagant supper at the end of the day.

Give them a personal massage

This is an amazing gift that can accomplish more than anything you could ever buy. Personal massages are lovely for both you and the recipient. When given as a gift, they can even serve as some long-needed spice in the bedroom. Consider trying a new technique or position. Even if it doesn’t work well, the act of exploring can be stimulating.

Travel to a new destination (national park, arboretum, food festival, etc.)

Experiencing new places and events is a low-cost way of bonding with each other. Traveling often gets put on a back burner when it comes to our lives. It can make your anniversary exceptionally special if every year you use the date to create a new memory with one another. Many destinations have free to low-cost admission and can end up being no more expensive than a nice dinner.

Plan a scenic picnic

An outdoor rendezvous has its own charm especially when planned at a nice spot such as the beach, a lake, or even a park. A lot of times, we fall into the routine of going from one indoor space to another. Usually, it’s from home to work and then back home. The freshness of the outdoors is a treat for people who can’t find the time to enjoy it regularly. A picnic is a simple, but effective way to enjoy outside together. The meal isn’t important and can be simple or complex.

Create a fun dare or competition

Here’s one for those of you who like to have a lot of fun. Mutual suffering builds bonds, even if that suffering is intentional. What that means is that you can create a ridiculous game or challenge and have an absolute blast with your partner. Most people think of drinking games, but I like things that are more creative. For example, a hot wing competition is something you can make yourself. The winner gets one wish. Or maybe have card matches where the loser of a hand has to eat a lemon. Whatever you do, just stay safe and legal!

Have Fun Without Money On Your Anniversary

Even if you can’t afford an anniversary gift, the possibility of fun is still there. A relationship isn’t about the most expensive items you can buy. In fact, you may find these anniversary gifts more effective than a tangible product. I really hope this article helped give you an idea for your special day.

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