[Video] Gengar 3D Pokemon USB Night Light Review

I decided to try one of those 3D pokemon night lights that have been popping up for various themes. It was actually a surprising experience.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of official branding. I’m not exactly an expert on trademark laws but it’s not clear if these are actual merchandise approved by Nintendo. They probably just haven’t gotten around to dealing with them.

However, for this reason, I will only link to the Pokemon storefront on Amazon. If you want the product yourself, you will have to find it through an independent search.

Pokemon 3D Light – Quality

For a cheap product, the quality isn’t bad but it certainly feels fragile in some areas. The plastic character is clear and has a nice thickness. However, the base feels incredibly light. As if it could break just by dropping it. You definitely need to take care when handling it.

As for the light display, this was the most surprising. It is super bright. Far brighter than I imagined. In a completely dark room, it’s actually difficult to look at up close. The entire figure gets illuminated by the lights and you can still see the image of Gengar clearly.

I really love it for the intended purpose. As a 3D Pokemon night light, it does exactly what it should. You can place this in a corner and it will keep the room lit. There are several colors to choose from, including plain white if you just want normal lighting.

Pokemon USB Light – Packaging

The packaging was nothing special. The outside had the standard bag with a label indicating shipment from China. The product itself came in a branded box, with protective foam. In addition, the plastic figure had a cloth around it to protect from scratches. I received the product in 100% pristine condition.

Gengar Pokemon Night Light – Usability

I probably sound stupid saying I had trouble using something with only one button… but I did. Normally, when you have to press a button, you give it a good press. I did that several times and nothing happened. Honestly, I thought the product was broken. It wouldn’t have been surprising given the price and origin.

However, I eventually discovered that the button requires just a brief tap rather than an actual press. Knowing that, it works fine and responds fast to my touch.

The weirdest gripe I have is the USB aspect. In my head, I thought the USB component was cool. Who doesn’t want to just plug something into their computer and have it work, right?

What I didn’t consider is that this Gengar pokemon night light isn’t chargeable. You need to keep it plugged in at all times when using it. With the short USB cord that is included, that means it has to stay beside your computer.

Remember how bright I mentioned it is?

In other words, using your computer and this light at the same time isn’t going to happen. It will put a lot of strain on your eyes. This is one of the few products that I would rather have a battery or plug-in version of.

Overall Review Of 3D Pokemon Night Light

This was a fun review and exciting purchase. I wasn’t expecting to receive a product that was such high-quality in terms of actual use. In the end, it fulfills its role as a night light and unique pokemon decor. If you can find an official source of these 3D lights, I encourage you to get one. You won’t be disappointed.

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