[Top 5] Thoughtful Gifts For The Hostess To Say “Thank You”

Gifts for the hostess are a great, yet underrated, way to truly show your appreciation. Your gift recipient will be happy to see their kindness rewarded and you will feel guiltless for enjoying their hospitality.

Accepting to host an event is no light task and receiving a gift for it is greatly deserved. Showing how much you value a person’s time and commitment is essential for longlasting relationships. Even those that love unconditionally will feel good if you take the time to show your thankfulness.

These ideas for hostess thank you gifts will provide a great reference for you to choose or do something meaningful. Ideally, the action you take will be so well-received that they will feel thrilled to host more gatherings in the future. There’s nothing wrong with developing a mutual relationship with a reliable hostess.

Top Hostess Thank You Gifts

The top hostess thank you gifts were chosen based on their practicality and wide appeal. These ideas are rather general with the intention of providing inspiration rather than specific products. Ultimately, anything can make a good gift for the hostess as long as sincere thought is put into it.

1. Flower Arrangement Hostess Gift

flower thank you gifts for hostess

Flowers aren’t just for significant others. They make excellent hostess thank you gifts. We give flowers on meaningful occasions for good reason-people love them. Their vibrant colors and soft forms make flowering plants stand out from more technical gifts.

I prefer living flowers but even cut flower arrangements get the job done. As long as the meaning is conveyed properly it’s all good. However, don’t be a cheapskate. Rather than getting something less than impressive, if you want to save money on the gift, consider putting together your own living flower arrangement. Garden centers usually sell plant trays that hold flowers in bulk at a good size for grouping together. Simply chose 1-4 varieties, a pot, and some potting soil to craft a stunning planter.

You could also make this a fun hostess gift by using a hilarious plant pot from Amazon.

2. Homemade Food

homemade pie hostess gift

Remember the cliche in all of those movies where people bring new neighbors a fresh-baked pie? That didn’t become a cliche for no reason. The appeal of homemade goods as a gift will never be lost. Making something for someone else clearly conveys a genuine appreciation for that person.

Although I enjoy a good piece of smoked meat, when it comes to food gifts, baked goods and candy seem to be preferred. Savory meals are often paired with strong odors and flavors that can be disagreeable.

You can find easy and unique recipes like this lemon pie bar on Allrecipes.com

3. Unique Decor Gifts For The Hostess

unique decor gift for hostess

There is a special place in my heart for decor items such as throw pillows and tapestry. The reason is that they act as the canvas for a huge variety of designs. I can literally recommend decor gifts for any occasion or person. As far as gifts for the hostess, it’s no exception. There are plenty of designs to say “thank you” a million times over.

Cost-wise, decor items can be obtained for a fairly low price, making it easy to create sets. One possible option is to create a living room set consisting of throw pillows, a throw blanket, and a typography block.

4. Lunch Date Hostess Gift

lunch date hostess gift

Nothing is worse than if your hostess only hears from you when you need to use their place. If they are really a valued friend don’t forget to show it by treating them personally. Lunch on you or even just coffee will mean a lot in the long run. Maybe there is a new restaurant both of you can try together.

You can even mix two ideas together and make a homemade lunch for them. Put it together in a portable container and enjoy it as a picnic at a park or garden. Some quality time out in nature is hard to forget and will build bonds between you and the hostess.

However, if lunch isn’t possible, there is always the option of buying them a gift card, though it’s not quite the same.

5. Home Spa Gift Basket For Hostess

home spa gift basket for hostess

How awesome is a gift for the hostess that allows them to relax?…It’s really freaking awesome.

A spa gift basket nurtures their physical and mental well-being. Taking time to turn the bathing experience into a relaxation session will have significant benefits for them. I also like spa gifts for the hostess because they can come in a variety of scents and products, or you can customize your own.

To make your own spa gift basket start by identifying the essentials. For me, these would be a lotion, soap, candle and bath salts. Browse a site such as Soap Queen to learn how to craft your own bath and body products. When picking out a fragrance, aim for something unique rather than conventional. Something like fig, black pepper, and vanilla mixed together will have more of a lasting impression than plain lavender. When finished, bundle the products in a nice gift basket.

Alternatively, you can buy the gift basket, but that’s a lot less fun.

Hostess Gifts That They Will Enjoy

Hopefully, this list has given you an amazing idea to help celebrate the generosity of your hostess. I always encourage people to never take gift recommendations at face value. Instead, use the ideas here and ask yourself if there is a way to apply them further. Don’t forget to read more helpful gift guides. You may see a category that your hostess falls into.