Princess Peach Sweater | Mario Gifts For Girl Gamers

Behold perfection! This Princess Peach Mario gift is one of the best gifts for girl gamers. Celebrate the holidays in proper geek style. When I saw this ugly Christmas sweater, it was love at first sight. Although I won’t be wearing it myself, I appreciate the combination of pink, white, and yellow.

OK. Maybe I’m a little too ecstatic about the design, but nevertheless, if you need a Super Mario gift, I highly recommend this one. Much like the other sweaters I ordered, this one is of incredible quality. The color immediately strikes you, better than what the images show. It’s a very rich pink. In addition, the design of Princess Peach is adorable. The fabric is very soft and a pleasure to touch and feel. You will no doubt be warm and comfy in this sweater.

More gifts for girl gamers

This isn’t the only exceptional gift for female geeks. If you want to see this and more fan merchandise, head over to Geek Store UK on eBay. The offer official merchandise and some really rare items that I have never seen before. You are sure to find a great Mario gift there and other fan items.

Also, don’t forget to read my article for 10 Killer Ugly Christmas Sweaters for more gift ideas. It contains 10 of my favorite sweaters. I doubt you will be able to view the list and not see something that you must have. Stocks are limited so get yours sooner than later.