19 [Insanely] Unusual Star Wars Gifts Worth The Money

Unusual Star Wars gifts are not hard to come by but often don’t live up to their expectation. They often use novelty instead of quality to make sales. Allow me to reveal the best Star Wars-themed gifts that will absolutely wow any fan. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, this list is all you need.

Citizen Star Wars Death Star Watch

Who can say no to an unusual Star Wars gift that can be worn all day? This limited edition design is one of my favorites because of how simple, yet bold, it is. The white and black contrast perfectly, really giving those space vibes we all expect. Made with plated stainless steel and eco-drive technology, you can expect it to last for a long time.

Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Console

This is a massive bundle that will make any fan and/or gamer faint from joy. Not only is the PS4 Pro equipped with a massive 1 TB hard drive, but also included are Star Wars Battlefront II and a corresponding themed controller. This is a gift that can be used in so many ways. From day one, your giftee can start enjoying it.

Sphero BB-8 Smart App Droid

An unusual Star Wars gift for children and adults who like to see cool tech in action. This free-roaming droid is all about cuteness. Your giftee can control it or set it on full auto and watch the robot explore. It also comes with a cool feature of displaying their own holographic videos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Limited Edition Star Wars Bundle

Everyone needs a phone these days, so why not make it a Star Wars-themed phone instead of something boring? This Samsung bundle doesn’t just have novelty, it’s a serious beast. With 256 GB of space, it rivals some computers. With matching S pen, leather cover, and earbuds, this bundle will have them feeling like a Sith Lord in no time.

Citizen Star Wars Princess Leia Women’s Watch

Much like the previous watch but designed specifically for female fans. I can’t describe how stunning this watch design is. The silver and rose-gold combination is brilliant. For a Star Wars-themed gift, this is of significant quality. It gives the impression of luxury rather than sci-fi collectible, in a good way! With the other watch version, the two together make a great Star Wars gift for couples.

Star Wars 3D Illusion LED Night Light

Interactive decor is all the rage and this LED nightlight is no exception. While it’s not the most unusual of Star Wars gifts, it has a lot of charm to it. While I don’t own a Star Wars version, the similar LED nightlight that I do own looks spectacular in the dark. It illuminates my small room with a bright purple glow and the details of the model remain entirely visible. It’s a great gift to spice up their room with some unique.

Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet

No list of unique Star Wars gifts is complete without a quality Darth Vader helmet. You might be asking yourself how this is worth the money. Let me assure you that for a Star Wars fan, owning one of these is priceless. The number of laughs you can have while wearing this is limitless. While this doesn’t come with a voice changer, doing their own impression of Vader can provide even more fun.

LEGO Ultimate Millennium Falcon Collectable Model

Here’s a gift for the most die-hard Star Wars fan. This colossal LEGO model features an intimidating, 7541 pieces. When they have completed this set (after several weeks) their efforts will be rewarded with a replica of the Millennium Falcon which will designate their home as a Star Wars sanctuary. Keep in mind that this gift is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Putting this together can be a group effort if you have worries about them completing it alone.

BB-9E Star Wars Coffee Mug

There’s no such thing as a bad coffee mug gift. Mixed with Star Wars, this novelty item is as much useful as it is attractive. Sipping coffee and getting a chuckle from the design can make mornings all the better. Your giftee doesn’t have to be an avid coffee drink, though. This ceramic mug can hold all kinds of liquids so don’t hesitate to get it as a gift.

Millennium Falcon Wooden Engraved Cutting Board

Who said aspiring Jedi can’t also love to cook? This engraved wooden cutting board lets Star Wars fans represent in the kitchen. Not only is it an iconic shape of the Millenium Falcon but it comes with the intricate details as well. This cutting board even goes the extra mile and features a leather handle attached with stainless bolts.

Funny Star Wars Art Decor

Sometimes unusual Star Wars gifts can be used as talking points within home decor. Such is the case with these hilarious original Star Wars wall art. The OG members of the cast are back with intergalactic fashion! Your giftee will be left wondering how they were even living in the first place without owning these. Printed onto vintage paper, I would be surprised if these become collector’s items one day. Nothing makes a better Star Wars gift for fans than some unexpected treasure.

LED Lightsaber Golf Umbrella

Ok. I just had to add this one because I really want to come across someone with this awesome umbrella. It would seriously make my day knowing our society is one step closer to a sci-fi movie. I love that it is available in multiple colors. Everybody laughs until you pull out the red lightsaber umbrella on a rainy day. Muahaha!

Star Wars Boba Fett Starry Night T-shirt

If you weren’t expecting a t-shirt on this list, then you obviously don’t know me too well. This is an excellent blend of classic artwork with a classic universe. Boba Fett looks right at home in the officially licensed design. Printed on 100% cotton, your giftee will feel as comfortable as they look.

The Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull Pendant

If your giftee doesn’t wear jewelry, they’ll change their minds after seeing this. I can’t think of a cooler way to add some Star Wars to your everyday fashion. It’s especially cool since it features the Mandalorian symbol rather than the more recognized Jedi and Sith. That means only real fans will get the meaning of their accessory. It’s a unique Star Wars gift that will attract other like-minded people.

Star Wars “I Love You”, “I Know” Couple Ring Set

Maybe your giftee is also your significant other. If that’s the case, why not get a gift that both of you can enjoy? These two rings are made for couples who enjoy Star Wars and the iconic partnership of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Made from stainless steel, you don’t have to worry much about the quality of these rings fading. They will be as permanent as your love for each other.

Star Wars 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle Art

There a certain sense of satisfaction to be gained from putting together artwork instead of just buying it. Much like the LEGO model, this Star Wars jigsaw puzzle is a behemoth and made for extreme fans. Putting together the 1000 pieces is no small task but the finished art is indescribable. I feel pure nostalgia looking at the finished puzzle and it’s totally worth placing in a protective frame to keep for years.

Loungefly Star Wars Tote Bag

Are you surprise yet to see how many unusual Star Wars gifts can be added to regular fashion? This tote bag will have all eyes focused on your giftee as they show it off with pride. With magnetic closure and super vibrant artwork, this will easily outshine their other totes if they have any.

Boba Fett Mandalorian Laptop Backpack

Backpacks can be boring or they can be freaking awesome like this Mandalorian Star Wars backpack. Both cool and functional, you can give this to any Star Wars fan and they’ll find a use for it. The color scheme is very practical and doesn’t stand out much even when applied to the most rugged activities. I think anyone who loves outdoors can appreciate this cross between sci-fi and real-life activity.

Star Wars Collectable USB Sticks

Last but not least, I found the king of all Star Wars themed USB sticks. This is perfect for any student or tech specialist. How awesome would it be to see your favorite character each time you needed to access data? It might turn a frown upside down when getting those research papers completed. I know I can’t look at these without feeling warm inside. Isn’t that what these unique Star Wars gifts are all about?

Find More Unique and Unusual Star Wars Gifts

I have faith that this list has provided useful intel. No doubt you have seen something amazing that would serve as the perfect gift for that special person. If you want to view more Star Wars-themed gifts, I suggest you read my ugly Christmas sweater article to see an amazing Darth Vader sweater. Also, check out this cool store on eBay that sells official merchandise for Star Wars and a bunch of other shows/movies.