Insane Life-Changing Stay At Home Mom Gift Guide

stay at home mom gift

Stay at home mom gift selection is larger than people realize. Focusing on relaxation and comfort, gifts become easy to choose. Don’t buy a generic gift when there are so many unique options to choose from. In this article, I will help you discover the best stay at home mom gift ideas.

Lets first start by understanding what problems mom can experience being at home.

Mom Life – Stress From Monotony

Being a stay at home mom is a great thing but not without its own dilemmas. Many people will quickly point out the stress of raising children and having to monitor them, but few acknowledge the stress of monotony. While a lot of parents can experience different days due to work-life, being at home doesn’t offer the same benefit.

Many people may find that ridiculous, comparing a stressful workday to being at home, but stress is relative. I might feel burdened by things that others find enjoyable, it doesn’t make it any less burdening. Your stay at home mom gift ideas should take this into consideration.

From not getting out of the house to lack of adult interactions, the mom life could be affecting your giftee in several ways. The perfect gift for them is one that changes or expands their daily activities and promote new hobbies. Here are the best ideas to fulfill these criteria.

Arts and Craft Kits For Moms

Arts and crafts are amazing hobbies that some have even turned into profitable businesses. These deserve the first mention because they can become something a mom becomes dedicated towards creating. Many shops on sites like Etsy are managed by moms simply doing what they love. I have determined what would be the best art and craft kits for a stay at home mom gift.

Fairy Garden Kits

Fairy garden kits provide a great introduction to crafting terrariums. It’s also kid-friendly, depending on the size of the materials used and age of the children. If you are unfamiliar with fairy gardens, they are essentially small scale gardens often done in terrariums or small containers. They can consist of real elements and/or artificial ones.

Fairy garden kits are easy to use but the practice as a whole is difficult to master. A stay at home mom can quickly discover a passion for the unique compositions that can be made. They can quickly express their creativity all while getting the kids involved. Fairy garden kits are perfect family fun.

If you want to take your fairy garden kit to another level and make your gift extraordinary, you can add elements that are often excluded from kits. Good additions are decorative sands, mini crystals, seashells, solar lights, resin statues, and glowing stickers. You can also put together ideas and make your own DIY fairy garden kit. Country Living has a great fairy garden gallery to develop an idea of what your kit should have.

You can find many ready-made fairy garden kits on Amazon

Epoxy Resin Jewelry Making Kit

Resin jewelry making is another craft that is easy to get into but offers a lot of room for learning. I adore this art because it allows a person to break into the jewelry industry with just a little investment and desire to improve. A stay at home mom can find this gift rewarding as it lets her craft items that others will admire.

Because resin jewelry crafting is an art, it’s only limitations is a person’s own creativity. In a monotonous environment, such a craft can become addicting. Finding new ways to put a personal twist on things can give a new purpose every day.

Though jewelry crafting isn’t suitable for young children, it can be a bonding experience with teens. Crafting glitter pendants or glow in the dark rings never gets old. They might even find that their crafts are so desireable it’s possible to turn into a side business.

Something to note, however, is that as a gift for stay at home moms, to make it complete you may need to buy additional items. Most jewelry kits exclude the epoxy resin and mixing the resin requires a scale, container, gloves and utensil to mix with (popsicle sticks). You should also learn how to mix, handle, and craft with resin yourself so that you can help teach your giftee. Youtube has plenty of helpful tutorials.

You can find many epoxy resin kits here on Amazon

Woodworking Tool Kits

I always laugh when people are surprised to hear this as a recommendation for a stay at home mom gift. Woodworking is an incredible hobby to adopt and that fact doesn’t change for women. Most females aren’t exposed to construction tools but when they are, you will find that most enjoy them. Building things is a rewarding activity regardless of gender. It’s also another craft that has endless possibilities, allowing them to easily escape monotony.

The DIY woodworking community is massive and they are happy to share their methods, materials, and designs. Couple your kit with some materials and host a building session to get your giftee familiar with the tools. I recommend building something of moderate difficulty. Too easy and it won’t feel rewarding. Too hard and it can be discouraging. Home Depot has an amazing section dedicated to helping beginner wood crafters.

Your tool kit can vary in equipment but at the very least should contain a power drill, hand saw or power saw, hammer, nails, screws, gloves, super glue, ear protection, eye protection, and storage bag or case.

As always, the biggest thing to remember with woodworking is safety, for you and others. Store tools out of reach of children and use eye and ear protection when using power equipment. Make sure others keep a safe distance when operating. All of this should be stressed several times to the gift recipient.

Gardening Kits For Moms

After arts and crafts, gardening kits are my second best recommendation for a stay and home mom gift. Though they lack the vast creative opportunities compared to crafts, growing things is a gratifying experience. In addition, the changing seasons create different things to look forward to seeing. For a homebound mom, turning the home lawn into an interactive garden can be the perfect escape from stress.

These kits help expose your giftee to the allure of growing things. Hopefully, they inspire them to take up growing as a lifelong hobby, possibly even a business.

Mushroom Growing Kits

This gift takes a little effort but it’s well worth it when it finally all comes together.

Mushroom growing provides the satisfaction of farming in a much shorter time frame. It’s also more unique and the learning process behind it is part of the charm. I have seen a lot of people with no interest in traditional gardening become engrossed with growing mushrooms.

You can buy a ready-to-grow mushroom bag that only requires you to cut the bag and watch them grow. However, as a gift, I don’t find those to have much impact. Additionally, they don’t help with our goal of getting the giftee to develop a passion for the work. Rather, live mushroom culture from Amazon, like the one in the picture above, and making our own gift kit is the goal.

The steps to growing mushrooms are the following:

  1. Create a jar or bag of mushroom grain spawn (you can skip this by ordering some but the quality may be low)
  2. Prepare a 5-gallon bucket by drilling 1/4-1/2 inch holes around it in rows including top and bottom
  3. Layer a sterilized medium such as pasteurized straw in the bucket, alternating between straw and the mushroom inoculated medium until the bucket is full.
  4. Place in the shade till colonized (a few weeks)
  5. As mushrooms emerge, move to space that gets some light but is protected from wind and has high humidity. Lightly spray with water to prevent drying out.
  6. Harvest mushrooms when they are ready.

You can do this gift as a project or give the colonized bucket as a gift and provide instructions to finish. I recommend doing it as a project since it’s also a good bonding and learning experience.

This is a unique gift for a stay at home mom that can open up their view of what can be accomplished at home. It would also be interesting to inform them of the potential market value of mushrooms. They could make it a hobby and take the fruit of their labor to the farmer’s market.

There are a lot of other details to consider when growing mushrooms and a good place to learn more is Fresh Cap Mushrooms.

Decorative Planter Kit

Designing planters is a lot of fun. It requires you to put some thought into what plants you buy and where you place them within the planter. It’s also a good first step towards creating larger garden beds.

Creating a decorative planter kit as a gift is simple regarding materials. All you need is a planter like this whiskey barrel planter from Amazon, a bag of soil, and plants. Plants are the tricky part of this equation.

To make this kit as fun as possible, I recommend buying an excessive amount of plants and more than one planter. Let the recipient mix and match, designing the planters however they want. Bedding plants, available at Lowes or Home Depot, are perfect for this. They are often inexpensive and available in bulk trays.

The magic of a planter gift is having them watch it transform over the season. The small plants that were placed in spring turn into a lush bouquet by late Summer. Hopefully, the transformation sparks an interest in design more planting arrangements and learning about floriculture.

For more information about planter gardening, you can read this helpful article.

Outdoor Gifts For Moms

Stay at home moms don’t always have the time to go on a long outdoor adventure. Weekend camping trips or even strolls at a local park can be hard to find time for. Another factor is the stress of preparing children to travel a long distance and prepare for hiking. That’s why outdoor items that bring the thrill of traveling to their fingertip make great stay at home mom gifts.

Outdoor Fire Pits

I have a habit of always recommending a fire pit when it comes to outdoor enjoyment and it’s for good reason. These simple additions to the home are magical. There is a quality of fire that is hard to describe. It’s not only calming but makes the quality of a moment feel enhanced. That probably sounds odd if you never experienced a genuine gathering around a fire pit or campfire.

Even if the fire pit can’t be enjoyed 24/7, it is nice to have around for when they can find a spot of free time. Reading a book or just surfing the internet in front of a fire is a good way to wind down. If the children are old enough, enjoying a fire pit becomes easier and family enjoyment. Pits that double as grills are extra useful.

Fire pits can be bought or built, but caution should be used if building your own. Fire is a powerful element and only heat tested material should be used when making firepits. High heat can make even durable material act weirdly and stuff like concrete can actually explode from the heat of a fire. Accelerants (lighting fluid) should also be avoided when starting a fire pit as a pit may not have a wide enough mouth and the ignition can create an explosion because the heat can’t escape fast enough.

HD Mini Projector

When you can’t go to the movies you have to bring the movies to you. For a stay at home mom, a night out to see films has probably become a luxury event. Rather than struggle to make it out, a mini projector can allow them to create their own movie date at home. They can host an outdoor family movie night or put the kids to bed and have a special date with their partner like old times.

Projectors have gotten better over the years and are now affordable, compact, and vivid. Even without a screen, casting on a wall can be good enough in a dark area (though a screen does make it better). While the sound from the projectors isn’t theater quality, many projectors have a port that allows for external speakers.

This particular mini projector from Amazon pairs with Fire Stick TV, allowing them to watch popular series and newly released movies. Who knows, they might actually prefer the projector instead of the actual theater.

Backyard Games

The outdoors are the perfect environment for having fun. A parent that no longer goes out can become depressed. A possible remedy is to bring that outdoor fun to the home space. There’s no reason the yard area can’t be enjoyed just as much as a beach or campground.

Outdoor game are a gift for them, their family, and friends. They are simple which limits competitiveness and instead promotes enjoyment. A stay at home mom would likely also appreciate the activity it provides for the children. I personally find it satisfying to see children take interest in simple outdoor games over electronics.

Just take the recipient’s space into consideration. If they don’t have a large backyard, perhaps that jumbo soccer goal is a bad idea. I find that simple games like cornhole are best.

Kitchen Gifts For Moms

I normally don’t like recommending kitchen appliances because many don’t accomplish more than the tradition oven and store. However, there are a few exceptions that are worth the investment and are even worthy gifts. These appliances focus on making time in the kitchen easier or introducing a fun new element to play with.

All-in-one Toaster Oven

There is a reason toaster ovens are popular even in households that own large, traditional ovens. They offer convenience, energy efficiency and time-saving for adults that need to cook sporadically for children. The drawback of large ovens is most noticeable during the hot months. Turing one on can raise the temperature in the house for several hours even after you turn it off. Toaster ovens heat and cool faster due to their compact size.

An all-in-one toaster oven stands out among others because it can help save space. This oven from Amazon also takes the place of a toaster, air fryer, and rotisserie. Some of the best gifts for a stay at home mom are the ones that help reduce clutter instead of add to it.

Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper

This silicone popcorn popper on Amazon is a great gift that benefits the entire family. Popcorn is a delicious snack but is expensive and potentially harmful when popping in bags. Silicone popcorn bowls allow someone to popcorn kernels and add their own own amount of oil and seasoning. It’s not only healthier but also cheaper per serving.

I’ve used a silicone bowl myself and find them very fun. It’s nice to make popcorn and not feel bad about the waste made from throwing away individual bags and plastic. The only drawback I found is finding the best popcorn kernels to use. My popcorn always came out tougher than the bag version but still tasty.

Silpat Perfect Cookie Baking Mat

This is a tough gift recommendation that should be fully read! Nonstick baking mats on Amazon are a hot baking item with as much controversy as there is excitement. They are used to provide any baking sheet with an easy to clean, nonstick surface, something any home cook can appreciate. I love the idea and design of the product. However, I listed a specific brand and product for a reason.

One of the problems on Amazon is that popular items will get knocked off and receive competition from private labelers. These competing items are often lower quality. In regards to baking mats, these lower quality knockoffs are prone to burning even at low temperatures.

That’s why I listed this particular brand. Silpat seems to be the innovator of such baking mats and has the best reputation, in terms of quality. I love this concept so much that I will do my own review of a Silpat mat ordered from Amazon and test if. Be sure to stay updated with new posts to catch my review article if you are interested in this stay at home mom gift idea.

Smart Device Gifts for Moms

The benefit of computers and electronics for a stay at home mom might not be as obvious as you imagine. While you are probably guessing that this category is great for kid-friendly items, I have to remind you about the true focus of this article, escaping monotony and the stress that comes with it. Computers and electronics provide access to a whole new world of possibilities.

Ipad Pro + Apple Pencil

The reason I love the Ipad Pro as a gift is that the capabilities of it allow someone to pursue a whole new career during their free time. In the world of graphic design, skills speak more than papers. A stay at home mom doesn’t need to be restricted to classes and exams. Instead, learning to draw and developing a sharp portfolio can be enough to earn clients and jobs.

This improvement in artwork and development of style is the shining function of a computer gift. Your giftee will have something new to do and perfect every day. The Ipad also fits the mom lifestyle, being easy to pack up and transport.

Learning to use drawing capabilities is also something that is not out of reach. Professional designers have created videos and courses for helping beginners get a grasp of the basics. I find this particular video to be exceptional for first-time users.

As the video shows, the Ipad also has the advantage over traditional drawing tools with the ability to resize, erase, and use different brushes. It not only expands capabilities but saves time and space.

A stay at home mom can take her design skills and apply them in many ways. Some designers create stock designs for sites like Shutterstock and Creative Market. Others decide to monetize their design with print on demand services and some offer freelance services to businesses.

Sites like Skillshare have extensive courses on designing with Procreate.

Click here to view the Ipad Pro on Amazon

Amazon Alexa and Smart Plugs

Amazon Alexa and Smart Plugs are one of those odd items that you never think you need until you actually have them. This is especially true if you are someone who often finds their hands occupied, like a stay at home mom. With Alexa installed in my own home, I can attest to not only the amount of trouble it spares me but fun it brings. As I’m typing this article I’m also instructing Alexa to play some music 🙂

Relaxation time often comes unexpectedly for parents. When you are sitting down and realize the calm has come, having to get up is annoying. This is where Alexa comes in. The smart device acts as a sort of hub for other compactable smart devices and allows you to control them using voice. This includes the tv, of course.

This hand-free function allows a person to add some passion to daily activities that may have been missing before. When I’m cooking and need some extra drive I just signal for Alexa to start the music. All of a sudden, fixing dinner becomes a party.

The smart plugs are what Alexa needs to make switches accessible by voice command. You can open automated doors or turn on lights to avoid having to enter a dark room. It all provides a lot of added comfort to the home.

Stay at home mom gifts to the extreme!

This stay at home mom gift guide is probably far from what you were expecting and if so, I take that as a compliment. We have been conditioned to believe gifts are just these trivial items. However, I find that gifts can be life-changing if proper consideration is made.

If you found this article helpful please read more of my gift guides for different types of people.