How To Improve Living Room Decor For Small Spaces

Living room decor for small spaces can be challenging. Without a clear goal, decorations can quickly become cluttered junk that ruins the overall comfort. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Your living room can easily be stunning and expressive without sacrificing all of your precious space.

Read this article to gain an understanding of what you should focus on to create a great living room decor and some unique ideas to get started.

Living Room Decor For Small Spaces – Contrast and Focal Points

The smaller the room, the more important your choices are. Nothing ruins a decor faster than clutter. When your space becomes crowded the energy of the room is too high and nothing stands out as it should. A way to visualize this is to picture the night sky with the moon shining. It’s not a complex visual but one that is stunning. That’s because there is a clear focal point and contrast to help it stand out.

A focal point is a point of interest. Contrast is a strong difference between things. These are two design principles that I consider the most important when choosing the decor for small spaces. By utilizing these correctly, you can achieve a design that has high impact with minimal inputs.

Contrast for small room decor

Contrast is easy to utilize but hard to master. To start, understand that most colors contrast well with white or black. So a white and red decor works as well as black and red decor. In addition to this, simple contrast can also be achieved using complementary colors such as red and green. The tricky part is finding the right contrast for colors that are not so basic. The color harmonies page by goes into further detail.

If you have trouble coming up with a contrasting color palette on your own is an excellent resource as is Color Hunt. Most sellers also try to make things easier by creating designs that already use contrasting colors. You can work with a backward approach and choose your major decorations and work around those.

Creating a focal point in a small room

A focal point can be achieved with virtually any type of decor depending on its placement and qualities. Notice how the blue decorations in this room are grouped together and immediately grabs your attention against the white.

blue decor focal point

When improving living room decor for small spaces this is a critical skill to master. Ask yourself, how much space is being lost from the blue items in the image. I conclude that it’s minimal to none but the effect they provide is critical.

I highly recommend wall art for focal points in small rooms. However, some things you probably wouldn’t consider also work. For instance, a wall-mounted TV can also be treated as a point of interest. Simply decorating around it is enough to cause the eye to be drawn towards it.

wall mounted tv focal point

I need to stress that a focal point is not about the item, but the item in relation to its space. In small shops, for instance, they make the checkout counter a focal point by reducing the clutter around it.

Creating Interest For Your Small Room Decor

Being restricted on space means you can’t just add whatever you want to your small room. To add interest without also adding clutter, you will need to think outside of the box just a little. I have a couple of items that work best for small living spaces but first, I need to address transformation vs addition and establishing a theme.

Transform your small room decor instead of adding to it

Creative home decor has been growing in popularity. It involves taking necessary parts of your home, like chairs, and replacing them with more interesting, decorative versions. Observe in this image how the chairs and tables are a calculated decision, chosen to match the overall design.

matching chairs and tables decor

Ask yourself what can be replaced with an interesting alternative that fits your finished vision for the room. This is accomplished easily if you set and stick to a certain theme.

Keep your decor organized by following a theme

I love themes because they help ensure nearly everything you add has a purpose. Themes are exactly what it sounds like. It’s a specific design style your space adheres to. Examples are minimalist, coastal, holiday, Asian, vintage, bohemian, and more. I always decide on a specific theme before designing a large space, otherwise, the planning stage would take forever. With smaller spaces, a theme is less critical but still valuable in the same regards.

9 times out of 10, living room decor for small spaces is easiest achieved by following a minimalist theme.

minimalist small room decor horse painting

Minimalist themed decors are characterized by open space, functional furniture, and a low amount of extra decorations beyond the necessities. Hearing minimalist design often makes people think of boring, but as the picture above shows, that doesn’t have to be the case. By following the principles of contrast and focal point, this room is visually stunning even without a lot of items. Ask yourself if this room would be the same if it were a bunch of random colors and didn’t have the horse art.

That’s not to say other themes can’t be accomplished. You just have to stay focused on your intended goal. Here are some great decor ideas that held add interest while still conserving space.

Decor Ideas For Small Space

shop small space decor
This small shop utilizes both design principles and many decor items to achieve an incredible look with limited space.

These decor ideas focus on utilizing your area to the fullest without making it too cluttered. The list isn’t just about size, but also filling areas that aren’t being filled, such as walls and corners. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, I hope it helps you think of more possibilities for living room decor for small spaces.

Wall art for small living room decor

As I said before, wall art is the number one decor for making a small living space more interesting. I love this option because it’s so easy to find pieces that few other people have. Your wall decor becomes a talking point for guests and makes your home feel more inviting.

Keep in mind that wall art goes beyond paintings and picture frames. Some artists choose to paint murals on their walls and parents find wall decals a safer choice than glass frames. If you are having trouble deciding what is best for your intended design, I recommend checking out (non-affiliate). They have their art separate into helpful categories which might even help you decide on a theme.

Throw pillows for small space decor

throw pillows for small living room decor

Throw pillows are fun, comfortable, and flexible home decor items. Whether with creative designs or just solid colors, throw pillows add needed pops of color to your small space. I was a little late to jump on the throw pillow train. They weren’t used in my home while growing up. Since then, I’ve discovered the sea of designs that throw pillows offer. Rather than decorating for a particular theme, I mainly like these for collecting unique artwork.

With living room decor for small spaces, it also helps that throw pillows aren’t solid. Where they are placed doesn’t eliminate the use of that space. Many people actually find that it improves a sitting area, rather than take away from it.

Decorative planters and plants

Small living spaces are often hard, cold, and uninviting. Indoor plants, even just a few, can change that perception instantly. Plants not only add a touch of nature but they also bring textures, vertical appeal, and volume.

The vertical element of some plants is an incredible characteristic for small room decorating. Vertical space is often unused and goes to waste. People who think they have little room to design, often don’t acknowledge all of the emptiness from the top down.

vertical plants small space decor

Observe how this small outdoor area uses multiple levels and verticle space to achieve an amazing design. Normally, this upward space gets neglected. The same principle can be applied in the home to create dramatic effects.

Decorative shelves for small room decor

Speaking of verticle space, decorative shelves can be excellent additions to a small living room decor. I love how unique and modern these small additions can make a space look. Rather than getting a traditional, bulky shelf, you can conserve space by using small single pieces.

decorative shelf for small space

Single shelf pieces also allow you to put a personal artistic spin on the placement. The image above shows how shelves can make use of vertical space and enforces it further with interesting hanging lights.

Floor rugs and throw blankets decor

Designer rugs and throw blankets aren’t just for large rooms. They can be used to add a major design statement to any space. Pure Country on proves this by creating visually stunning throw blankets for a variety of themes. I actually recommend their products as a gift in one of my guides.

Throw blankets and rugs also work with the existing space rather than taking away from it. You can move them around or lay comfortably on top. The floor space, much like vertical space, is often overlooked but has tremendous potential. Don’t neglect it, especially when designing living room decor for a small space.

Decorative Lighting and Lamps

lighting decor for small spaces

People often go into a new space and accept the existing lighting, never considering that it can be transformed into an important design element. Not only can light fixtures be good decor items, but they can also increase the appearance of other decorations.

For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of hiring an electrician to install a new light fixture, lamps can also accomplish a lot. Though they require more consideration towards placement, lamps are easy to add and come in a variety of designs. Installing is usually a matter of finding where your outlets are placed, which is also the main restriction when deciding to implement them.

It’s important to note that installing light fixtures is not a task that should be taken lightly. Lowes offers a good insight into the process and caution that should be taken.

Unique furniture for creative room decor

matching furniture room decor

If your furniture isn’t contributing to your overall theme then they are taking up valuable space. For a small room, each element should have a design purpose and your furniture is no exception. I recommend getting furniture in which their design complements the room. However, if you don’t want to buy all new chairs and such, simple covers can help transform them in the way you need.

Notice how in the image above the furniture not only matches each other but also the rest of the decor. That is the sign of a clear theme. In addition, the white, light brown, and dark brown color palette follows the principle of having contrast.

Improving Decor Is Only as Hard as you make it

In the beginning, you probably felt restricted in design choices but hopefully, this article has helped expand your views. By planning and sticking to a clear design goal, it won’t be hard to design a stunning space. I recommend doing a little design trick. Take a photo of your space and trace over it with some tracing paper. Plan your design concepts on these trace papers until you finally achieve one you would like to implement. When planning interior designs, pictures are your best friend. Professionals in home improvement stores can also help based on your photos.

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