How to give a healthy gift basket [and not be hated for it]

A healthy gift basket is usually given with the best intentions. Who doesn’t want the people they love to live longer? But it’s not often received positively.

People don’t like to be told how to live or even suggested.

A healthy gift basket can be disappointing if not made properly and even perceived as condescending. I have found that the reason for this is usually the giver’s fault rather than the recipient.

That’s right. You may have a perception of what a healthy gift should be that isn’t good. In addition, your idea of good health might not be realistic for them, especially if they still have bad eating habits. Just because you like popcorn with little to no salt and oil, doesn’t mean it’s a good gift.

A healthy gift basket needs to be a gift first and healthy second. That probably sounds like cheating. However, with the ideas I list here, you will see how easy it is to make a gift basket they will love.

What to include in a healthy gift basket

Buying a gift basket already filled is a sure way to fail when dealing with healthy options. 90% of the ones you find are going to be filled with boring fruits, nuts, or snacks.

I like healthy food and even I think that sucks.

Constructing your own basket is certainly the way to go. You can find plenty of empty gift baskets to fill on Amazon. The reason this method is better is because there are several ideas that require selecting specific products or actually making your own.

You will rarely find the best health products packaged in a ready-to-buy gift basket. Instead, they have to be placed manually. Here is a list of amazing ideas that will make anyone love your healthy gift basket.

Gourmet Seasoning Blends

herbs and spices for healthy gift

Whether you choose salt-free or not, gourmet seasoning can encourage home cooking, which is often better than eating out. When people cook at home it can often translate into a healthier diet. In addition, the herbs and spices in gourmet seasonings are often in higher amounts and provide more flavor.

Herbs and spices are supposedly beneficial for overall health. That means using those lower quality seasonings that are 90% salt is missing a big opportunity to reap health benefits. Even the authoritative medical site, Web MD, preaches about the power of herbs and spices used in cooking.

If you want a recommendation, I suggest buying seasonings from Their Everyday Bagel seasoning and Manzanillo Mexican seasoning are amazing. I love the extra flavor they add to eggs and sandwiches, even when used in a small amount. I’ve usually received all of my orders from them within a week.

No one is going to be disappointed with receiving such a tasty gift.

Loose Herbal Tea and Infuser

Herbal tea, like seasonings, is a tasty way to be healthier. Green and black tea are the main ones attributed to beneficial effects. However, even if they aren’t medicinal, herbal teas pack a ton of flavor and aroma. To get the best of both, I look for blends that also include green or black tea leaves.

The infuser for loose tea is a great way to add some novelty to your healthy gift basket. Tea infusers on Amazon come in a variety of options, including fun shapes or sets along with a bottle. The bottle sets help add some lasting value to your gift.

As always, with any herbal product, it’s important to do your own research when consuming them. Be mindful of the source and considerate of the giftee’s condition. If they are pregnant or on medication, they need to ask their doctor first.

Healthy Homemade Granola

homemade granola for healthy gift basket

You are probably asking why you should make the granola instead of buying it. The short answer is simply this…

Store-bought granola tastes like s***.

No better way to put it. It’s usually all sugar and oil with little flavor. It’s no wonder why people hate such a healthy snack when it’s made so terribly. Done right, the granola should be a nutritious and energy-dense snack that can fuel someone throughout the day. Most of all, it should also taste delicious.

You shouldn’t skip the sugar and fat when making granola. Instead, try to pack it with a bunch of beneficial foods like nuts and seeds. Things like walnuts have been suggested to protect against high-fat meals. Other additions, like pumpkin seeds, can host a wide range of benefits. All of this shows that granola can still be a great addition to a healthy gift basket.

I’m not an expert cook, so if you want a fantastic granola recipe, I suggest you check out Cookie and Kate. Her homemade granola is awesome. It uses unrefined coconut oil which adds an aroma you wouldn’t believe.

To package your granola for the gift basket, simply place it in a large mason jar.

Homemade Mixed Nuts and Seeds

Mixed nuts are like the more savory version of granola (although you can make it sweet). Just like granola, it’s an opportunity to make a healthy snack with some unique flavor. Creating a mix at home is also a great way to avoid the bad ingredients in most store brands.

I find there are two ways to make a mix: simple and simpler.

The simple way is to combine ingredients with a little oil and spices. Then bake for a few minutes. The simpler method is to do the above but skip the baking part.

While it sounds silly, deciding whether or not to bake makes a big difference with the flavor. Only 10-15 minutes in the oven is enough to transform the nuts. I enjoy the raw taste of some and the toasted taste of others. As a healthy gift, I would try to find a middle ground. For example, maybe toast some of the nuts and leave the seeds raw. Because they are smaller, the healthy fats in the seeds will get damaged faster from heat.

Also, don’t try to omit the oil if you use seasoning. It allows the seasoning to coat the ingredients evenly.

Try some of the blends at, mentioned before, for a mindblowing flavor they’ve likely never tasted. Package your mixed nuts like the granola, in a large mason jar.

Although not exactly healthy, if you’ve never baked nuts before, here is a helpful video by The Domestic Geek.

Fruits (not just any fruits)

Surprise! I tricked you into thinking fruit was too boring to belong in the gift basket.

Well, it is…sort of.

The standard fruit in healthy gift baskets is not something you should be giving alway and expecting praise for. Handcrafting the basket, you have the opportunity to add more rare types of fruit. Ideally, this should be the last step for your gift basket because you want to look for seasonal, perishable fruits more than anything.

Figs, persimmons, pawpaws, dragon fruit, and mulberries are all good examples. You can find these possibly at a farmer’s market or foreign supermarket. Usually, they are only available when in season.

I prefer these fruits because they are rare and not easy to find in regular supermarkets. Your giftee may have never even tasted them before. That means your gift can become an experience. Figs, in particular, are known to hook those who try them for the first time.

As long as your fruit is worth being given as a gift, giving fruit shouldn’t result in your giftee tossing the basket out of the window.

Put it all together and make your healthy gift basket

So now you know what to give. All that is left is for you to put the healthy gift basket together. Start with the items that need to be shipped to you and finish with the perishables.

Also, if you haven’t already, I suggest getting a decorative basket from Amazon that they will be able to reuse.

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