Great Gift For Your Wife – A Better Home Environment

great gift for wife better home environment

A great gift for your wife could be a better home environment. In contrast to my article about the benefits of a man cave, I would like to discuss the work disparity women face in the home.

Here are three studies from the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics: Average Hours Per Day Spent In Select Activities, Average Hours Per Day Parents Spent Taking Care Of Children, and Average Hours Per Day Spent In Leisure and Sport Activities.

Based on this data, it shows that women do roughly 37% more housework than men, spend more than double the time caring for children, yet spend roughly 17% less time than men doing leisure activities. In other words, women, even working women, spend more time doing housework and less time having fun compared to men.

Keep in mind that this is just an interpretation of data, which doesn’t paint a whole picture, but it could suggest that your significant other is seeing a disparity in stress. Knowing this, it may be necessary to evaluate your home life and create a better environment for her.

Cooking, House Cleaning, and Laundry, Oh My!

When trying to see what chores you can be more proactive in doing, cooking, cleaning, and laundry should be your focus. These three chores are all performed more by women than men in households, on average, and take up the most time. It could be a great gift for your wife if you sought to even things out if there is a need to.

Cook more often

It’s one thing to cook a meal here and there or grab take out, but if you really want a longterm change, a schedule might be best. Adopting the entire responsibility for cooking isn’t a solution and just shifts the disparity. Instead, decide what days you each want to cook and save a day for eating out. Alternatively, you can also make an agreement that one person cooks and the other person washes the dishes.

Do your fair share of cleaning

The interior cleaning of a home can seem like a trivial task, but that’s usually if you aren’t the one performing it. Being the only one who cares if the carpet is vacuumed, the floors are mopped, decors are dusted, and the bathroom is cleaned can be frustrating. I can’t describe how I feel when I clean something only to see it dirty again moments later. You should take the initiative and actively clean along with your significant other. There’s no excuse for a shared living space to be cleaned by only one person.

Wash your own undies

As for laundry, just consider doing your own to lighten the load if there is always a lot to wash. Sometimes it makes sense for there to be a laundry day where everything gets done together, and it’s not a big deal. Either take turns or acknowledge that she does it and find another chore to take care of in return.

Taking Care Of Children Isn’t One Person’s Responsibility

It doesn’t matter who is working and who isn’t, any parent that is present in the household should actively contribute towards childcare. I’m not saying you don’t deserve a break. Everyone deserves a break, which is the whole point.

The grass is greener on the other side.

That means your life at work can seem nicer to her, just as her life at home taking care of children can seem nicer to you. I prefer not to debate who has it harder. What’s important is that the home can become a toxic environment if she feels there is no help from you. The feeling that any problem with the child/children is solely her problem can lead to stress and anxiety.

To combat this, take the initiative again and offer to watch the children. Ask if they need to be changed and do it yourself, if so. Let your wife know you are there to support raising the kids beyond finances. Even though this is painted as a gift for your wife, I’m really giving fundamental advice for any parent couple.

One Of The Best Gifts For Your Wife – Keep Respecting Her

It’s not hard for even the most loving relationship to fall into this work disparity. Sometimes marriage can make a couple forget that they are still two separate individuals. The formality that had you both considering each other’s likes and dislikes has gone away. Couples often feel that they don’t have to earn their spouse’s favor anymore. This informality is dangerous.

Don’t fall into the rabbit hole. It will only lead toward negativity in the relationship and a bad impression for your children. Instead, aim to keep that feeling of needing to earn your partner’s love. Ask yourself what are you doing for their life. Treat her with this respect and she will return the favor.

If these things don’t apply to you and you are already a spectacular partner, great! Don’t forget to reward yourself, as well. Read my article about a man cave and why it could be important to have one in your relationship.

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