Deciding Best Gifts For Little Girls – Oh Lord!

The title represents how everyone feels. Finding the best gift for little girls is nerve-racking. The sense of discomfort stems from the fact that we can’t relate to that age anymore. Finding gifts for teenagers is easier because we remember that period of our lives but childhood interests don’t stick as well. Have no fear, though. I will make the process a lot easier for you by identifying popular trends in products and other things you should consider.

Discover Their Interests

This article is based on a generalization of popular trends in “girl” products, but it is important to analyze every child on an individual basis. Maybe instead of dolls, they would prefer science kits or instead of ponies, they like robots. Generalizations have their uses but also have their limitations. If you never explored science and sports with your daughter or relative, I suggest you take a step back and give it some consideration before trying to decide what the appropriate gift should be. With that said, I will discuss some popular trends within gifts for girls.

Unicorn Everything

Unicorns are still reigning supreme as the most adored fantasy creature by little girls. It has all of the appeals of horses with the added pinch of magic. These majestic creatures have carved their hearts in little, teenage, and even adult women. Today’s products combine unicorns with bright, rainbow color palettes along with some reference to their magical origin. You can get unicorn bedding, pillows, clothing, and accessories. This market is pretty mature so there is a large option of gifts to choose from. Typically, the more colors do better with little girls, however, this is a surge of metallic designs that cater to more adult unicorn fans.

Llama Everything

I’m not sure how this trend got started but llama gifts are huge right now. They are right up there with unicorns. From room decor to phone accessories, you can find just about anything with a llama design. These four-legged animals are like a cute cross between a sheep and a horse. The product styles are also similar to unicorns but feature more humor which makes them a hit with kids. Because of their sheep-like appearance, llamas are also popular as plush toys.

Mermaids and Sequin

You likely already know about mermaids but sequin might be a new word for you. Sequin is little disc-like beads, usually made of plastic similar to what you probably played with in school. It is used to decorate fabric and it gives the impression of scales. While the mermaid theme is often combined with senquin, the words are more often used interchangeably. For instance, a “mermaid” pillow can often can no mermaid design at all and is just describing the use of sequin.

Each one can hold its own even when not combined with the other. Mermaid gifts for little girls are still a hit and mermaid tails are popular items for use at the beach and baths. Mermaid apparel also makes great presents and will often get crossed with other niches like cats, to be extra funny.

Phone Cases, Bedding, Pillows, Costumes, and more

All of the trends above can be applied to nearly any product category. Professional product manufacturers have done an amazing job and flooding the market with fun and colorful items. Even small business owners have adopted these trends and serve customers on sites like Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay. The best part is that these items are often inexpensive and allow you to create an extravagant gift bundle at an affordable price.

If you have a girl who loves magic and fantasy, a nice unicorn-themed gift would likely work wonders. For someone who enjoys cute, funny, and cuddly, the llama is the way to go. Mermaids are fantastic for girls who love the beach or bath time.

It’s hard to go wrong with this list of niches. If you would like some product ideas, please take a look at this article.