[Top 10 Ideas] Absolute Best Gifts For College Students

Finding the best gifts for college students is easy when you know what to look for. Read this short but sweet article to learn some unique college gifts.

College is an exciting time and transition for young adults. It’s only natural you want to celebrate it and show your support by giving awesome, memorable gifts whenever possible. However, you may have encountered one major roadblock…what the hell should you even get!

Don’t feel bad. Thousands upon thousands of parents and relatives struggle to find the best gifts for college students. It’s a difficult problem because you have likely neglected to keep up with the latest trends and technology.

Have no fear. I will help simplify the matter.

Rather than telling you exactly what to buy, it’s easier to first teach the methodology since trends and technology change so quickly. You will learn what makes a great gift for a college student so that you can identify one no matter where you shop.

Cool and Unique Gifts For College Students

Being the “cool kid” sounds immature but the honest truth is that having something cool and unique provides an opener for conversation. Moving to a new environment, possibly with 0 friends, it’s important that your college person is able to establish new relationships quickly. Providing them with a gift that helps them do that while also being stylish is perfect.

This feat is best obtained with clothing and apparel.

Wait. Wait. Hold on. I’m not asking you to become a fashion expert.

The type of clothing that sparks conversation in college isn’t about the brand. It’s legitimately about the design and context. A shirt with nature art, animals, anime, cartoons, or whatever can work to attract people with a similar interest. Colleges are often very diverse so there is usually a group out there just itching to recruit new members.

Cool accessories standout less but can achieve a similar effect as clothing if seen. Things like phone cases, earrings, laptop sleeves, hats, etc. are all suitable. You are likely familiar with sport team hats. They are the perfect proof of how this can work. One simple look and someone can identify an ally or fun rival.

Other opportunities to buy something unique revolves around the dorm room setting. College dorm decor is useful in creating talking points for conversation with roommates. Vibrant bedding, throw pillows, tapestries, and wall art can all feed the desire to interact. While patterns also work, consider getting art inspired bedding.

unique gifts for college students
This 3D Skull and Roses Bedding Set from eBay is not only unique but can speak towards the person’s personality making it a great gift for gothic individuals

Best Gifts For College Students Make Life Easier

Are you familiar with those shopping network channels featuring As Seen On TV products? You have probably even looked at a few and thought to yourself, “That’s pretty convenient!” Well, that’s the stage of life college people are entering. They are starting to value things that make daily activities easier and faster.

Ask yourself if there is anything the person does regularly that can be made easier.

Sometimes the answer is obvious, other times it requires creative thinking and research. In today’s age, you should also extend this thought process to the digital side of their life. Maybe there is a program they would find helpful or perhaps something like a drawing tablet would really improve their workflow if they are an artist.

When it comes to gifts that make life easier, the functionality is important, not the price. Something cheap can prove to be more valuable than something expensive if it does the job.

Homemade Food Gifts For College Students

It’s easy to forget that college students are often living on a monotonous diet of fast food, takeout, and store snacks. While it keeps them alive, it can grow unhealthy for both the body and the mind. Sometimes a gift of homemade cookies or brownies is all a person needs to cure their homesickness. Don’t be afraid to ask if they want anything specific. They might have a yearning for a dish they used to eat in the past.

The only warning I have is that if you are giving food as a surprise, it’s best to gift something that is either dry or has a pleasant aroma. Nothing is more embarrassing than having a dish that roommates can’t stand the smell of. Sweets often have a more agreeable smell than savory items.

Top Ten College Student Gifts

Here is a list of some college student gifts that I feel will help you understand what’s best to give. It consists of very broad products that will work for both men and women. Some of the items, like the tapestry and t-shirt, are just touching the surface when it comes to designs available.

1. Apple iPhone or Equivalent Smartphone

An iPhone is one of the best gifts for college students because of the numerous functions it can carry out. It is essentially a mini-computer in the palm of their hands. With the number of apps available and constantly being developed, having an up-to-date smartphone is crucial for students these days. Not only can you do simple tasks like update documents, but new models can also handle complex functions such as graphic design.

2. Multi-purpose Laptop

Much like smartphones, you can’t deny the usefulness of an actual computer that can act as a workhorse. While colleges typically have computer labs, being able to do work wherever they please is less stressful. Not everyone can focus well when working in public. I remember my college days and enjoyed the solitude of my dorm room when studying or finishing projects. For those who think any computer is fine, I can tell you that’s not the case. College classes like to use the most current versions of applications which generally require an updated computer.

3. Trendy Fan Apparel

I really wanted to give an example of the type of clothing I talked about earlier. This “LOVE” shirt is based on Harry Potter themes. Anyone who is an avid fan would likely be thrilled to see someone else wearing this. It’s not too flashy but gets the point across that the person is a Harry Potter fan. Other forms of apparel include sweaters, leggings, hats, beanies, and more.

4. Single Serve Coffee Maker

Did you forget about the elixir of life, also known as coffee? Well, I didn’t. Coffee isn’t just a crutch college students use to get through studying and work. It’s also a social-oriented beverage that people like to consume while talking.

Going to grab a cup of coffee is partly a bonding experience. Being able to make their own coffee gives your college student their own ice breaker at their fingertips. I don’t know about you, but anyone that offers me a free cup of coffee has certainly earned significant brownie points. It’s a great gift for college students who are anti-social.

5. Large-grip Reversible Umbrella

Would you believe that I never used an umbrella my entire time in college? I just couldn’t be bothered. Carrying extra stuff never sits well with me. Things may have been different if I was given one of these reversible umbrellas. Their large handles make them easy to hold and store. It even looks like I could have worn it on my belt, though that may be uncomfortable.

6. Unique Dorm Decor

Dorm decor gifts for college students had to make another appearance. There’s no way I can let you forget about this. While I have a stunning nature/space themed tapestry pictured above, there are plenty of hilarious decors also available. Items like throw pillows are a great chance to see how funny and creative you can get with your college gift.

7. Desk Lamp Charging Station

The more gadgets you can consolidate into one, the better. A desk lamp is a good college gift because roommates usually don’t have the same work schedule. Your college student may have to do work later into the night. The consolidation aspect is great for keeping their desk clutter low. Having a cluttered space can increase stress and make it harder to focus.

8. Water Filter For Dorm

Water is a fundamental component of life, but many people don’t take it as seriously as they should. The water available at any longstanding foundation should be treated with a degree of skepticism. Personally, if I am going to stay anywhere for the longterm, I want the water tested or need a filter installed. There have been numerous instances of water tests showing heavy metal contamination in schools. You can help ease their mind by giving a college gift focused on their safety.

9. Buddha Board – Relaxation Gift For College Students

Relaxing is as important to a successful college career as working hard is. When people get stressed and don’t relax, they make mistakes and their performance declines. This isn’t to say they should waste time all day, every day. Instead, you should use this information to get a gift that helps them relax right at their desk.

The Buddha Board is a neat little canvas that uses water to draw temporary images. As the strokes of water dry, the images fade away. It’s perfect for short breaks when studying or completing assignments.

10. Water-resistant Backpack w/ USB Power Bank

To complete this list of the best gifts for college students, what’s better than a backpack? However, this isn’t just any backpack. It’s another gift that consolidates several into one. This backpack is great for any weather, is able to charge their accessories, and has an anti-theft design. All of these combined allows them to carry their class material without any worries.

3 Easy Guidelines When Finding Gifts For College Students

There you have it. 3 easy ways to decide the best gift for a college student: something unique, something convenient, or something homemade and edible. I didn’t get into homemade or edible gifts because those are self-explanatory and preference differs, person-to-person. However, you probably have a general idea of what to get your college person already.

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