Best Under Sink RO Water Filter Review – iSpring RCC7 6-Stage

I decided to get the best under sink RO water filter system rated on Amazon after seeing rust particles in the tap water. It was one of my best decisions. (Honestly should have done this much sooner.)

While water filters aren’t something new, RO (Reverse Osmosis) under sink water filters have been growing in popularity. Unlike some of the cheaper systems, these filtration units tout the ability to decrease the dissolved mineral content in the water.

Since there was rust in the water, this sounded perfect. There was also no telling what else was in there that I couldn’t see.

The iSpring RCC7AK reverse osmosis water filter seemed like a great buy for the price. It had a ton of highly rated reviews so I went with it.

Here’s the good and the bad.

iSpring RO Water Filter Packaging and Equipment

When buying something technical, a lot of people are hesitant. It’s hard to find out what equipment you’ll need till you see what you’re dealing with.

Luckily, most of the things needed came packaged in an extremely organized manner. This made it very simple to see what the pieces were like, what was included, and what wasn’t.

Most of the necessary components came with the system and there was even a bag full of spare parts. The water filter system came preassembled and the kit as a whole was close to being “no tools necessary.”


What isn’t included is Teflon tape, which is a necessity, along with a drill bit for making a hole in the pipe and sink.

Only needing three items on hand (and a drill of course) is still pretty good. Different sinks will require different drill bits, but I would have liked for Teflon tape to be included. It’s pretty cheap, but not something people keep on hand.

Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Assembly (Super Easy)

I have never worked on plumbing (but have messed with pressure washers and fuel tanks). The idea of putting this on myself was intimidating. However, I figured it would be good to learn how to do something that others claim is simple.

iSpring included very detailed manuals and guides (too detailed, actually). What really made this easy was their installation videos on YouTube. After watching it once, I had the confidence to tackle the installation myself.

The only part that had me confused was the part where he flushed the filter. At 10:44 I did not notice him disconnect the tube and use the drinking tube to flush it. I was trying to flush it with the drinking tube hooked up to its permanent spot.

Overall, putting the filter system on is a breeze if you can easily assess your water pipe (I couldn’t).

Note: It helps to have a bucket around to catch water, just in case you mess up. Don’t ask how I know.

It should take you a similar time as in the video to put everything on. It took me longer because the bottom of the sink is not leveled. I had to put a board and screw the system in to secure it.

Installing the faucet is even easier, but it could be hard if you don’t have a metal sink. It was just a matter of drilling a hole and getting my hands back in there to secure the quick connects and brace.

Under Sink RO Water Filter Quality

For this price point, I have to say that everything feels high quality. It honestly looks and feels a lot more expensive than it was, which is good. I have no problem relying on this reverse osmosis water system to keep my water free of rust and whatever else.

The only thing that could probably be better is the water tank stand that came with it. I feels really weird and it seems like the tank moves around more than it should. It stays in place, but if you give it a slight nudge it will slide whichever way you push it.

best under sink RO water filter review

The water faucet looks nice and modern with a cool little handle. Kind of makes it apparent how much renovating the old kitchen needs 🙁

Not accounting for my hurt pride, the quality is actually above the price in my opinion, which is a rare thing to encounter these days.

reverse osmosis water filter review

Best RO Under Sink Water Filter Review – Should You Buy

So is this under sink reverse osmosis water filter something you should buy?

For me the answer is a clear “yes”.

The water I drink from it is clean and clear (after flushing the tank several times). I worry less about what could be in the well water. In fact, I think this is a perfect gift for anyone that doesn’t have one. Clean water is something most people take for granted. I know I certainly did.

When there was rust in the water and I was stuck drinking bottled water, I knew something was wrong. How could I have been so reckless and unprepared? As someone that also gardens, it was a wake up call.

The iSpring RCC7 RO water filter is a great buy and perfect for those trying to balance cost and quality.

You can get yours here from Amazon (affiliate)