Incredible Space Lover Gifts Ideas

Picking the best space lover gifts can be a challenging task. Besides knowing where to look, you also have to decide what to actually get. Most people think space gifts have to be very science-oriented or intellectually unique, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, I will cover several ideas that will make picking out the right gift easy.

Funny Astronomy Shirts and Apparel

Funny shirts are a timeless product and their use as gifts works for nearly any situation. No matter what the subject is, there’s usually a shirt made to go with it. This includes space and astronomy. Ranging from simple typography to amazing artwork, space-themed shirts come in all levels of amazing. In the beginning, the amount of choice can prove overwhelming, but you can easily find sellers who specialize specifically with astronomy apparel.

funny space lover gift tshirt
Art by Design Eclipse on Etsy

This space-themed gift from Etsy is both funny and artful, making it great for any space love who has an appreciation for cool artwork. Something you want to consider when picking out apparel is the age of your recipient and their preferred casual style. If you never see the person were graphic T-shirts, perhaps space-themed apparel isn’t the best option. In the end, maybe their job won’t allow such apparel. In such cases, other gifts would be better.

Space Themed Home Decor

Astronomy decor holds some of the most unique and interesting options you will ever find. Artists have taken off in this niche and provide us with tons of creative works to decorate our homes. From bedding to throw pillows, the gift possibilities are vast. However, choosing the best option depends on your giftee.

This wall art above is made by the user Seamless on Redbubble. As you can see, you can get very artistic visions of space or realistic representations. Which is better, depends on the person you are getting a gift for. If their home is decorated in a minimalist fashion, realistic space art will likely be best. If they take a more bohemian approach with their decor, art like the one above can prove to be the winning gift. Whatever you decide to choose, just be sure to consider the person’s preference more than your own. A lot of times, people lose focus on the best gift due to personal interest.

Accessories For Space Lovers

Here is an overlooked gift option for space lovers that you might not have even considered. Space themed jewelry, cases, wallets, and tote bags can all be used as impactful presents. Much like decor, these items can be made by independent artists and designers, creating an endless supply of unique choices. Astronomy accessories give a smaller gift option which is perfect if you are worried about choosing the wrong item.

This gorgeous female astronaut art by GDBee is just another example of the extraordinary space lover gifts on Redbubble. Choosing presents like this that can’t be found in stores makes them more valuable and likely to be well received.

However, it’s important to take care when choosing accessories. These are often items that are size specific. You may need to do some investigating to determine what you should order. The last thing you want is to have a gift that literally can’t be used.

Beginner Astronomy Gadgets and Books

Sometimes the best space lover gifts are the ones that reinforce their curiosity. Books about the universe and gadgets like telescopes can be the perfect present, especially for kids who are just getting exposed to astronomy.

kid beginner telescope gift
Click to View This Telescope On Ebay

Telescopes for kids and beginners like the one above are exceptional gifts that can encourage further study of the universe. Kids who love space often don’t have the resources to buy such items themselves or aren’t even aware of them. They make great space-themed Christmas gifts or birthday gifts. However, as with any gadget, it’s important to buy something age-appropriate. Even telescopes can be dangerous if pointed at the sun or strong light source. They should be used with supervision and discussion about safety.

Along with a telescope, it would help to teach how to take photos through it. offers a great guide. This learning addition can make the gift all the more valuable.

Plenty of Ideas

The universe is so beautiful and interesting that it has become a source of inspiration for many artists. The amount of unique gifts for space lovers is increasing every day. Hopefully, this guide has offered suggestions that have made it a lot easier to find the gift you need.