7 Best Police Officer Retirement Gifts [Of All Time]

These are the best police officer retirement gifts that will make their last day a happy one. Make their final day a lifelong memory with these gifts. If you have been having trouble picking out the best law enforcement retirement gift, this simple list is what you need. Getting something that they will love isn’t a hard task and I’ll prove it.

Best Law Enforcement Retirement Gifts

These retirement gifts are the sure-winners. Their broad appeal and sentimental value will make any retiree feel respected and appreciated. Their final days as a police officer will be spent being reminded of the amazing friends they have made while devoting their life to the force.

Thin Blue Line Stainless Steel Watch – Amazon.com

The design says it all. Even though they are retiring, this gift will remind them that they still belong to a unique family. I like watches as police officer retirement gifts because, with proper care, they can become family treasures. Imagine giving them a present that they can pass down to future generations.

Betsy Ross Thin Blue Line Flag – Warrior12.com

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Available in men’s and women’s, this law enforcement retirement gift is perfect for both genders. The creator, Warrior 12, was also founded by law enforcement and military veterans. Part of the revenue they receive goes back towards helping causes and charities. That gives this gift the extra sentiment of being part of a larger cause. The feeling of family contributing to help the family. Every time your giftee wears this, they will support and represent the police force, be it unofficially.

Customizable Police Officer Whiskey Decanter – Amazon.com

A whiskey decanter might seem cliche, but who cares? They might retire looking like a character straight out of a movie, but as long as they smile, it’s all good. These decanters look great and the customizable print helps make the product more special. I think any appreciator of spirits will love this gift. You can even take it to another level by getting matching glasses.

Shields of Strength Angel Wing Necklace – Amazon.com

Jewelry doesn’t just serve as a fashion statement. As police officer retirement gifts, or even for someone actively serving, jewelry can be a source of faith and confidence. People have placed extreme value in symbolic objects all throughout history. That’s because objects are more steadfast than our thoughts. When your giftee is going through a tough moment, it might help them to have something that reminds them of the police force.

EVERLIT 250 Piece Outdoor Survival Kit – Amazon.com

I can’t, in good conscience, have a law enforcement retirement gift list without including a survival kit. What else is a hard-boil retired officer going to do besides show Mother Nature who’s boss? I think everyone who retires develops the goal of exploring the outdoors more. This gift can help make sure they are prepared for any troubles that may pop up. After all, Mother Nature is known to be pretty tough.

The Legend Has Retired Funny Whiskey Glass – Amazon.com

This whiskey glass speaks for itself. I feel like every best retirement gift list must include this. If you really want them to leave with a smile, I think a present like this glass can accomplish that all by itself. Someone once told me that they sold both graphic designs and simple typography. The typography always outsold the intricate graphics. I think that is because typography instantly resonates with people. The moment your giftee reads this, I’m certain it will resonate with them.

Vacation Package – Hotels.com

vacation police officer retirement gifts

Saved the best for last. They devoted their life working for the public so why not send them off to enjoy the world they helped protect? Packages on Hotel.com are very affordable and gift cards can give your recipient the ability to choose whatever they like. This is a great retirement gift option especially if you have a group to help pitch in.

Instead of risking people giving the same gift, a group effort solves that issue and also allows for the total value to be higher. I also believe that giving a vacation package at retirement is uplifting and inspiring for others. It’s nice for workers, especially public workers, to see that they are appreciated in the end.

Best Police Officer Retirement Gifts are all about appreciation

When picking your law enforcement retirement gift, don’t forget one word, “appreciation.” Whether it’s a lasting gift like the watch or a gift that encourages them to relax like the outdoor kit, just try to convey that they have earned their time to rest. You want your gift to say “good job”, “we will remember you”, and “get out of here and enjoy retired life!”

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