See how incredibly well these Maroon Yoga Pants fit – Ewedoos Leggings

These are the best maroon yoga pants with pockets and squat-proof elasticity. Ewedoos delivers a quality pair of workout pants at an affordable price. We all want to look our best when going out to the gym and these leggings certainly accomplish that and more.

Read this brief article and see why you need to add this vibrant pair of leggings to your activewear selection. Watch a video review at the end.

Soft and Elastic – Comfortable Leggings for Plus-size Women

I’m sure there are die-hard gym rats who can workout in a business suit if necessary, but for regular people, comfort is a huge concern.

Luckily, the Ewedoos leggings are extremely soft and stretchy. You’ll be able to extend and bend freely without worrying if the fabric will tear. The high waistband is perfect for ensuring the leggings fit smoothly even while you exercise.

Functional Pockets For Everyday Use

Let’s face it, leggings aren’t just for the gym. The easy-to-wear, comfortable clothing has made its way into being a fashion staple. As such, the need for pockets has never been higher.

I don’t know about you, but toting more than I have to is annoying. For women, having to take a purse simply because their leggings lack pockets, is unacceptable.

Ewedoos knows this and designed their leggings to feature a deep pocket on each side. You can carry your essentials without needing a handbag. This makes getting dressed and going out the door all the simpler.

Maroon Leggings Are an Excellent Color

Maroon leggings are a great way to add some color to your fitness outfit without being too flashy. I find maroon to be a great change from the standard fall colors. It’s a cooler warm, than red, and the slight brownish is perfect for the autumn season.

If you are one to dress based on psychology, maroon leggings will be your new favorite. The color is associated with confidence, creativity, power, beauty, and more. That makes these leggings fit for a queen!

Comfort and Affordability – Leggings under $20

Being under $20 makes these leggings a clear winner. You can get two pairs for what one set of designer leggings would cost. Some of those designer leggings don’t even have pockets. In addition, when it comes to activewear, you often need multiple pairs. The cost-saving ends up being very significant when buying more than one.


Because of their price, vibrant color, and reported comfort, I would highly recommend these yoga pants. If you are looking for a pair of affordable and fashionable maroon leggings, you won’t be disappointed. If you still need help deciding, take a look at our sponsored video. Emelie is a freelance fitness model that I requested to review a pair of Ewedoos maroon leggings.

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