Best Koala Themed Gifts | Koala Bear Necklace Review

This is the best koala themed gifts I’ve ever come across. The vibrant necklace from Mega Creative Jewelry, looks amazing. From the moment I took it out of the box, the allure of this particular koala bear jewelry had me hooked. Just look at it. It’s a freaking koala bear holding a crystal!

koala gifts necklace review

Perfect Gift for Koala Lovers

Finding a gift for koala lovers might not be the easiest task. From stuffed animals to childish toys, adult gifts are lacking for this cute animal. Mega Creative Jewelry adds a much-desired addition to the list of available options. This unique animal gift is able to enchant any lover of cute creatures.

Elegant Packaging

The necklace comes packaged in a modest box that only features the company’s slight branding. Inside you receive a nice assortment featuring a cleaning cloth, care pamphlet, QR code to activate warranty and join the company’s “product insight” program. They packaged the main box in a separate box for inventory, keeping it free of a barcode. This allows it to be given as a gift from the getgo.

Koala Themed Gift Design

After looking at other koala gifts, I have concluded that this is the cutest design. Not only is the position of the animal adorable, but the way it is tied into the crystal placement is flawless. I immediately get the impression of a koala holding onto a tree limb when I look at it. Animal lovers will be thrilled to see the attention to detail. The bear has intricate grooves and indents that make it an accurate representation of the animal. Instead of using paint, they decorated the eyes with black gems that fit perfectly.

Quality and Build

I adore the koala pendant itself. It’s free of any defects, scratches, or missing gems. It’s hollow and light, but they enclosed the metal and left little heart-shaped holes to help give it a fuller appearance. I literally can’t stop staring at the crystals, which are supposedly Swarovski. They sparkle brilliantly. After handling, the only real problem is the chain, yet again.

I don’t know what is going on with these jewelry chains. Looking at past criticism, the chains are the source of most complaints. I would love to see a company that steps up and offers a better, finished product even if it means a higher price.

As it stands, the chain is very frail and unreliable. If you are planning to give this as a gift, you may need to consider ordering a chain and replacing the one it comes with.

Best of Koala Gifts

Finally, to sum things up, I’m very happy with this purchase. As far as koala gifts go, this ranks among the best of them. If you need the perfect present for a koala lover don’t hesitate to get this. Just heed my warning and consider getting a stronger necklace for the pendant.

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