[Best] Gifts For Marine Biologists and Ocean Lovers

ocean lovers and marine biologist gifts

Finding the best Marine biologist gifts is not as straightforward as you may think. People forget that these ocean-lovers also enjoy many other things.

From plants to cool tech, marine biologists can often have a passion for it all. This guide will help you identify potential gifts for marine biologists and discover how different they can be. If you’ve been struggling to find the right present, you need to continue reading because it’s actually very easy.

In today’s marketplaces, you can find a variety of products designed for ocean-lovers that make excellent gifts.

Ocean-Inspired Decor Gifts For Marine Biologists

The ocean is always the goto theme for marine biologist gifts for good reason. As one would expect, these scientists spend a significant amount of time exploring the intricacies of the vast sea. It takes true love and passion to analyze it day in and day out.

This passion is a clear indicator of what would make an amazing gift.

The problem you probably encountered is that it’s hard to capture the majesty of the ocean in the form of a simple gift. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Create An Aquarium Gift Basket

Have you ever noticed on TV shows and movies they always include certain props to add legitimacy to characters and their professions? A geologist will have a rock collection. A botanist will have a bunch of plants on their desk. Etc. Now try to imagine a marine biologist without an aquarium. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

I believe that if your gift recipient doesn’t have an aquarium it should be your absolute first gift consideration.

Creating an aquarium gift basket is not difficult. You don’t even need to get fish. For this aquarium, the focus will be on the decorations, not any accompanying pets.

First, select the size you feel will be most appropriate for the giftee. While the large, several gallon aquariums are mesmerizing when decorated, your giftee probably doesn’t have anywhere to put it. More importantly, they might even consider it inconvenient having to maintain it. Luckily, aquariums come in a variety of sizes, with 5 gallons being my preference for a marine biologist gift. This size, or close to it, has enough room for decorations but doesn’t demand an extreme amount of space.

After determining the capacity of the tank, you will want to put together a decoration set. I really want to emphasize this step, because this is how you make your gift shine.

Choose your decorations wisely

Aquarium decorations are what brings the magic of the real ocean into the artificial environment. You can create a realistic ocean-inspired gift or make the aquarium reminiscent of a Disney movie. Glow-in-the-dark and LED lighting decorations are my personal favorite. They transform the aquarium into a very unique decor for any space. Alternatively, many aquarium props come in a rainbow spectrum of colors that allows for daytime appeal. You’ll want to add some elements of realism, so don’t forget to put pebbles and coral in your kit.

Use a piece of paper to visualize the decorations you choose. It’s easy to miss a critical component and even easier to pick out too much stuff.

Artificial Desk Decor For Marine Biologist

Although I love the idea of an aquarium, I also realize it’s not practical for a lot of people. This is where desk decor comes into play.

Desk decor is a great gift option, especially for marine biologists since they spend a large amount of time doing research. Having ocean-themed items in the office can help cure any blues they may be feeling from not being outdoors.

There are desk style, premade “aquariums” that fit perfectly in small spaces. Although these don’t come as unique as the one you design yourself, they are still fun to look at. One particular gem of a gift, are LED jellyfish lamps that feature movement and color changing lights.

If space is a huge issue, marine life snow globes are also fantastic. Although they lack the essence of being “hi-tech”, globes can feature some brilliant artwork and even have music boxes attach to them.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to consider a marine biologist’s office life when selecting a gift. A lot of people think they are in the field 90% of the time but that’s not true. Giving office-related, ocean-themed gifts shows them you care about the fine details of their profession.

Sea Life Wall Art

Wall art in the form of sea life models or paintings is a match made in heaven for ocean lovers. This cute gift is easier to accommodate than aquariums and desk items. So if the previous recommendations seem like marine biologist gifts that won’t work, try this instead.

Wall art comes in many forms and can even be makeshift. I’ve seen a ton of unique beach decor. A favorite that caught my eye was a cotton fishing net, designed to be hung on a wall for a beach-like appearance.

Tech Gifts For Marine Biologist

Technology is helpful for all professions, with marine biologists being no different. These gifts focus less on ocean loving and more on being functional components of your giftee’s life. If you haven’t thought about any of these, use them to gather inspiration as to what other technology would help make their job easier.

Portable Rechargeable Power Station

Marine biologists are scientists that need to go out into the field. This can be a real conflict when their work also requires power equipment such as their phone, laptop, and camera. The limited battery life of equipment can cut research sessions short.

That’s why a portable power station could be the gift of a lifetime for your recipient. Although it seems like a no-brainer, the usefulness of a power station often goes unnoticed. A person needs to experience the utility before recognizing that it’s a crucial tool.

Rechargeable is key since they are more environmentally friendly. They don’t require the user to mess with fossil fuels. Some, like the one above, can even be charged with solar panels, making them exceptional for offroad adventures.

Water Filtration Bottles/Kits

I hate to admit it but an undeniable truth is that many places abroad do not have safe drinking water. This includes a lot of places marine biologists may find themselves going for research. Bottled water is the drink of choice but someone that is environmentally conscious will not find comfort in that solution.

One option people use for short-term trips is water filtration bottles or kits. These are mainly designed to remove bacteria and heavy metals from water, making them safer to drink. They’re excellent marine biologist gifts if the person is only in the field for short durations.

However, keep in mind that filtration bottles have their limits. Not only do they require proper use and maintenance but they also don’t protect against everything. Usually, chemicals and viruses (which are smaller than bacteria) aren’t covered by these products unless specified.

Also, there are several different types of portable water filters available. The most common options are suction filters, squeeze filters, and press filters. Suction filters have the benefit of age in the market, thus more reviews. However, press filters are newer and reportedly better. I would urge anyone considering this as a gift to do extensive research and inform the giftee to have a backup source of clean water, just in case.

Chromebooks As Secondary Computers

Chromebooks are essentially a step above tablets and cellphones when it comes to computers. A marine biologist probably can’t use one as their main computer but that’s not the point. Where Chromebooks shine is their travel-friendly build and power efficiency.

Most Chromebooks weigh so little that you can effortlessly wave them around with one hand. They also tout a very long battery life. I run my system on full brightness. Even when watching videos nonstop, I can expect at least 5 hours before needing to charge. I can also turn the brightness down to extend that time significantly.

If your giftee likes to do a lot of light work while on the move, Chromebooks are great secondary computers. Today, they offer many models that can handle larger workloads than previous versions. Typing papers and doing online research are all effortless tasks.

As everyone should know by now, the only other downside to Chromebooks besides their processing power is the inability to run software that isn’t available for Chrome. In can be a very inconvenient problem or a non-issue, depending on the person and their needs.

Unique Ocean-themed Jewelry Gifts For Marine Biologists

Ocean-themed jewelry makes great marine biologist gifts because they add a form of symbolism to everyday fashion. With so many options available in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, it’s nearly impossible to not find something that will suit your giftee.

Although often considered a female-specific gift, jewelry and accessories provide several options for men as well. I really like the idea of cuffs and bead necklaces as male options. You can also find plenty of solid silver-colored jewelry that is considered unisex.

Picking out jewelry is usually done using our eyes, but it’s important to read the fine details and also the reviews. If you’ve read through some of my own product reviews it will come as no surprise that the quality of affordable jewelry can sometimes be questionable. Usually, the costs are kept low by sacrificing the durability of the chain that is included. I always instruct people to consider buying a higher quality chain to accompany your gift. This will keep the product usable should the original chain breaks.

Jewelry With A Cause

A trend with ocean gifts, especially jewelry, is that designers are often adding significance to them by donating a portion of each purchase to an environmental cause. Some even choose to craft their items using recycled goods, including plastic cleaned from the ocean and other bodies of water. Such is the case of 4Ocean.

4Ocean has claimed to have recovered over 8 million pounds of debris from the ocean, at the time of this writing. They are probably the most famous for-profit environmental jewelry makers, but the effects of their popularity have caused more to rise.

A marine biologist will certainly appreciate their gift helping a cause directly related to their profession. Supporting such brands, even if they are for-profit, can help encourage others to make their products focused on the environment.

Ocean Themed Clothing Gifts

This article for marine biologists and ocean lover gifts would be nothing without including clothing. Unique and custom clothing has become a common gift in our society so it should not be a surprise to learn there are many fantastic options to choose from. Take these turtle slippers for example:

Imagine your giftee walking around with these on, enjoying the comfort of their home in style. Not only is that a level of fun not seen with the other ocean-themed gifts, but it’s also a new level of comfort. The dual, emotional and physical satisfaction created from clothing gifts makes them incredible.

Also, when you think of clothing, a better word to remember is “fashion”. Consider apparel such as totes and handbags, all of which come in unique sea life designs. If you are feeling extra generous, you can develop a whole fashion set for them.

Lastly, there is my usual warning for clothing and apparel. I consider them risky items because you need to know your giftee’s sizing. Even then, the company you order from may have different sizing practices with their products. Ultimately, just remember that your clothing gift could fit wrong. Knowing that, it’s probably a good idea to also get a backup gift.

The Best Gifts For Marine Biologists Made Easy

I bet you didn’t expect gift selecting for marine biologists could be so simple, did you? Each one of these categories can hold their own as a single gift. However, you can also combine them to make your own ocean lover gift basket. Continue exploring products, using this guide as inspiration, and I’m sure the perfect present will pop up in front of you.

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