Amazon Collection Red Cardinal Bird Gifts – Pendant

Of the red cardinal bird gifts I’ve come across, this one had me the most excited. That excitement makes this review tough to write. Unfortunately, this bird lover gift from Amazon failed to hit the mark. The quality and packaging have left me feeling underwhelmed by what is an otherwise great design. I want to love this pendent but it needs a bit more polish.

Unique Cardinal Bird Gift

The design of the pendant is both simple and unique. Unlike other cardinal items that featured a picture or painting, this is an actual pendant crafted in a cardinal shape. It was this that really stood out and is the only reason I still consider this an item worth keeping. However, the faults make this a poor gift, at least straight from the box.

Poor Packaging

My biggest problem with this red cardinal bird gift is that the packaging is sloppy. Not only is the box flimsy, but it is also used as the main package. That means it has the barcode located on it. The inside has a lot of space and nothing to secure the pendant from moving around. If you are like me, it’s possible to open it facing the wrong way and it will be jumbled. Lastly, a “Made in China” tag is attached to the actual pendant. I don’t have to tell you how unsightly that is and poor for a gift experience.

All of these issues can be fixed by repackaging the cardinal bird gift yourself. However, when other sellers are providing a better packaging experience I can’t help but feel turned off by this flaw. I also don’t feel confident in sending this directly to a giftee.

Quality and Build

As I mentioned, this pendant gives the exact impression of a cardinal. Both color and design come together flawlessly. The problems I have with it are the two different crystals used, painting, and a thin necklace.

I saw the image online which displays the two different crystals, one bright red and the other dark red. However, I didn’t expect the difference in sheen to be this great. The dark red crystals have virtually no shine to them. It really throws off the total allure of the figure. I would argue that making the pendant solely bright red would be better because the bright red looks magnificent.

The paint below the crystals is sloppy. Not noticeable from far but up close it doesn’t look good. Not only does it spill over outlines, but the placement of crystals doesn’t lineup well with the paint. This causes significant empty spaces of paint that look unsightly. Overall, it creates the hope that no one wants to inspect the pendant closely.

There isn’t much to say about the necklace that hasn’t been said before. Another thin and cheap necklace. I’ve come to consider it the standard for these unique pendants, but still feel the need to comment about it. It does have a good size though, seemingly able to fit a variety of necks.

Good Red Cardinal Bird Gifts

If you have a cardinal bird lover, this still makes a good gift but for anyone else, I’m not sure. While it is fun and unique, I don’t think it is polished enough to suit a range of interests. With this design, I hope the improvements I mentioned are made so this cardinal gift is something anyone would love to receive.

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