9 Fantastic Ideas For The Best Music Lover Gifts

best music lover gifts ideas

These ideas for the best music lover gifts will help you find exactly what you need. Each idea will provide a unique music gift that will work for any occasion. Whether you need something for a birthday, Christmas, or just a celebration, these ideas are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Before we dive into the gifts, I first want to explain what makes a good music lover gift and how to identify one yourself. This way, even if you don’t see an idea that you like, it shouldn’t be hard to find something on your own.

Deciding What Makes The Best Music Lover Gifts

While there are always standard items that work as gifts, when searching for the best it pays to understand the particular giftee. Music lovers vary depending on the type of music they enjoy but in general, every one of them likes uniqueness. Unique music lover gifts that express their personality are what you really want.

Music is an expressive art. It involves a lot of feelings and deep thoughts. Most music lovers enjoy songs because they express something about themself. For this reason, the first choice of gifts should be something personal. Something that is only for them to use, wear, or enjoy. Such items include clothing, accessories, gadgets, and personalized gifts.

With that said, let’s get started with some amazing ideas.

Music-themed Decor

It’s probably surprising to think of speakers as being decor but designers have realized the need for them to fit in more. People take their interior design seriously and the way speakers can ruin an overall decor can be a deal-breaker. Today, speakers are available with unique enclosures ranging from bamboo to metallic. This allows them to act as great decor when not in use and complement an interior rather than hurt it.

For example, if you notice your giftee has a natural interior with wooden decor, a bamboo speaker would be a great choice. Because people decorate based on their preferred style, it’s a great reference to use when picking gifts.

Unique Headphones

Music lovers and headphones go hand in hand. Just as you would expect an officer to have a weapon, you can expect a music lover to have a pair of headphones. Unfortunately, some music lovers are tight on cash and sacrifice quality just for a pair that will serve them at the moment. As a result, they are constantly cycling through new pairs.

You can give a unique gift that is also very functional by picking a pair of unusual headphones. If your giftee is young, this is even easier to accomplish since there is an abundance of unique children’s headphones. However, adults aren’t out of luck. There are a few types such as the furry headphone above and some beanie headphones, that will serve the same purpose.

Music-themed Clothing

Clothing is a gift that never gets old. It is available in so many forms and can cater to a variety of interests. This is a great chance to get a gift that narrows down their specific love for music. Take the time to find out their favorite bands or genres. Without a doubt, I am certain there is a piece of clothing that fits whatever they love.

Heavy metal shirts are particularly easy to find and serve as a good example. Not only can I do a search for specific bands but there is also an art style that accompanies this genre. Knowing that allows me to pick an alternative design even if I don’t find something featuring the band they like.

Don’t waste the opportunity clothing provides by getting something generic. Remember to focus on uniqueness and personality.

Recording Equipment

If you have a music lover that is serious about pursuing the art, a breathtaking gift could be a recording kit. Recording equipment is necessary to clearly transfer music and vocals into a digital format. Giving your giftee this shows you not only care about their passion but also support them in what they pursue.

A recording kit is only one part of a puzzle when it comes to making flawless music, but it serves as a great starting point. Your recipient can gain hands-on experience in learning how to use production tools. I think this is important, especially in today’s age where a musician can self-publish their own music and reach millions of people.

Novelty Music Lover Gifts

Sometimes the best music lover gifts come in the smallest sizes. Novelty items are not only unique but also come in many functional options. Not even searching deep, I see an abundance of music-themed mugs, USB sticks, keychains, hangers, pen holders and more.

Because novelty items are tied with a functional purpose, they can easily be affordable and valuable. I would even judge that novelty gifts are the ones which see the most use on a day to day basis. Just be considerate of your giftee’s habits. If you never see them drinking coffee or tea, it might not begood to get them a mug.

Games For Music Lovers

A good game can be a gift that keeps giving for months or even years. The lasting value from games far exceeds other forms of entertainment media. If your giftee owns a game system this should definitely be a top consideration. However, even if they are lacking a system there are also many board and card games focused on music.

Another similar alternative to games is a karaoke machine. This fun piece of equipment is a great gift for a social person. I honestly love how karaoke still has so much room to grow here in the West. More and more people are discovering what an amazing group activity it is. Karaoke machines have also gotten better, allowing you to get a karaoke version of songs online and upload via USB.

Beautiful Music-themed Jewelry

The best music lover gift idea list isn’t complete without jewelry. Though not a functional gift, what it lacks in use it makes up for with beauty. Jewelry is always a stunning present, especially ones that are uniquely designed. As you can read in my product reviews, I especially like jewelry that is affordable but presented professionally. It creates a gift that can be purchased liberally, but still deliver the amazement needed.

As always, when picking out jewelry, you need to be aware of sizing and quality. Most affordable options don’t allow you to change the size but you can replace the chain for pendants, usually. I always recommend purchasing an additional, high-quality chain just to ensure your gift-giving goes as planned.

Have a Custom Song Produced

The final entry is probably also the most surprising. I bet you weren’t expecting someone to tell you to get a song produced. That’s the same reason this gift has the chance to knock their socks off. If you are willing to do some back and forth with freelancers, it is perfectly possible to get a nice song made.

For this music gift, I recommend using Fiverr.com. You will probably end up having to work with several freelancers to get your finished gift. What you need are lyrics, a singer, and an instrumentalist. Some sellers offer all of this in one package, but most don’t. Do your research and pick the ones who you feel can deliver your vision.

Flawless Gifts For A Music Lover

There you go! What do you think of this list? I hope you got a lot of value out of this article. When it comes to music-themed gifts, I truly consider this list to have the best ideas. Hopefully, even if you didn’t find exactly what you need, this helps narrow down your thoughts.

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