7 Insanely Cute Fox Themed Gifts

These cute fox themed gifts will make anyone’s heart melt. Handcrafted and uniquely designed, these are the best fox gifts for someone special. Foxes are adorable, furry animals that make our hearts warm and fuzzy. It only natural that they make great gift concepts. In addition, a fox can represent many qualities including playfulness and wisdom. If you know someone who fits those traits, perhaps a fox gift is what they need. Take a look at these awesome products and see if you can find the perfect match. Click any title or image to view the product page.

Smiling Fox Forest Necklace

fox forest necklace gift

This handcrafted bronze necklace is handcrafted and features a glass orb filled with moss and tree bark. It has a cute fox face and manages to capture the essence of nature. This makes it an ideal fox gift for nature lovers.

Laser Cut Wooden Fox Necklace

laser cut wood fox themed gift

This stunning necklace is laser cut from wood and with the colors printed on. The design is breathtaking and has a rustic feeling. I personally love plants and admire the amount of detail put into making the flowers realistic. Anyone would be thrilled to receive this as a fox themed gift.

Silver Geometric Fox Necklace

silver geometric necklace fox gift

A cute geometric fox necklace that is a great minimalist gift. Made from sterling silver, this necklace shines and looks amazing in bright light. The modest design allows it to be worn with many outfits for different occasions.

Handmade Fox Painting Pendant

handmade painting pendant fox themed gift

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a painting in a pendant? Especially a beautiful fox painting like this. Made from bronze, this cute fox gift displays feelings of homeliness and comfort. It’s a good pendant to give someone to show that you are happy being around them.

Gold Plate Fox Charm

cute fox charm gift

So tiny and cute, this gold plate fox charm is a great gift for any random occasion. This item is so cute that any animal lover will like it. If you are unsure about what fox gift to get, this is a safe bet.

Beautiful Clay Fox Necklace

beautiful clay fox themed necklace gift

Made from clay and design by hand, words can’t describe how amazing this necklace is. The designer takes special care to construct these. Light, intricate, and vibrant, this fox necklace becomes an instant favorite when seen. It even comes with a faux leather necklace.

Galaxy Resin Fox Charm

galaxy fox charm gifts

Need a fox themed gift for a teen? This will surely hit the mark. Colorful and sparkly, this fox charm is hard to resist. It is made with resin and also has glitter and stones added to increase the adorableness.

Cute Fox Themed Gifts Galore

After reading this, if you still haven’t seen the perfect fox gift, I suggest going directly to Etsy. Not only do they have a bunch of fox products, but they are uniquely made. Etsy sellers focus on customer experience and are experts at making cool gifts. Click here to view fox products on Etsy.