7 Hot and Trending Pokemon Apparel

Here’s a list of hot, trending Pokemon apparel. This is a handpicked selection of our favorite designs that are selling fast on Ebay. Each one is not only cool (because what Pokemon item isn’t) but also unique. From Pikachu as a snowman to a Death Star version of a Pokeball, this list has something for any fan. Just click an image or title to see the product.

Pikachu Snowman

pikachu shirt pokemon gift

One of my favorite Christmas designs, this Pikachu Snowman not only captures the cuteness of the fan-favorite but also shows why Pokemon still goes strong even today. The adorable creatures just fit so well into several occasions and cross-references.

Gengar Kaiju

gengar pokemon shirt

Tell me this isn’t sick! Personally, I like Haunter more but I can settle for Gengar as well. Growing up in the age of Godzilla fandom, I can totally appreciate this cool cross, especially when it’s done so well.

Charizard Shadow T-shirt

charizard pokemon gift shirt

Charizard was always my favorite of the original lineup mainly because he was a rebel. I never liked how pokemon often became instantly friendly with their capturer. Charizard had the personality I was looking for and this dark shirt represents just that. Although he became a valuable ally, in the end, I will always remember the rebel version.

Poke Ball Beanie

pokemon pokeball beanie

How do you know if someone loves Pokemon? If they are wearing this! That’s the only answer. For now on, when Winter comes I hope to see a crowd of people with this Pokeball beanie on their heads.

Snorlax Just Do It Later

snorlax do it later shirt

I wish I could have had this for gym class. Words can’t describe the effort I would go through to wear this every single time.

Friday the 13th Pikachu

pikachu funny pokemon halloween shirt

Is it just me or is Pikachu scarier than the original? A knife and electricity. It sounds like the textbook definition of overpowered. Honestly, though, it’s an awesome cross. I wish we could see more horror versions of our little friends.

Poke Death Ball

pokemon star wars pokeball shirt

Saving the best for last. If you are going to geek out with some fan apparel, why not kill two birds with one stone. This awesome shirt crosses pokemon and Star Wars for the ultimate combination.