6 [Perfect Gifts] That You Can Keep Giving Every Year

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Inevitably, there are people who don’t like to bother searching for the perfect gifts. For you lazy bast****, I’ve come up with a list of gifts for any occasion. These items are simple, variable, and affordable.

Maybe you aren’t lazy and just need help finding a quick gift for any occasion. This list will also help you. Once you see how simple these products are, you won’t ever have to worry about finding the best gift ever again. Keep these options in your back pocket for whenever an occasion pops up.


soap perfect gifts
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Soap is great because it is a recurring purchase. Something that people need to buy often. That means at some point, your soap gift will have a window of opportunity to be used. Even better, soap comes in a variety of fragrances and formulations. While your gift may be soap every year, there is no end to the unique scents you can choose from.

Alternatively, I’m always a fan of recommending people to make their own soap as perfect gifts. Making your own soap allows you to dabble in mixing fragrances and create dual or even triple-scented soaps. I’ve done my own melt and pour soap making and it’s very easy. At the simplest level, you can melt the base, add fragrance, and let cool in a soap mold. That’s all it takes!

Don’t be afraid to get crazy with it. Your homemade soap may become their new favorite.

In addition, if you want to take soap making to the next level, there are several additives that are currently popular. From charcoal to clay, specialty soap can be made right at home for very low costs.


lotion perfect gift for any occasion
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Lotion is a perfect gift much like soap because it doesn’t last forever. There are also probably more ways to customize a lotion than there is soap. Unlike soap, a large portion of lotion use is based around its suggested healing properties. This has led to many ingredients being discovered that all have different feelings and effects on the skin.

If you want to make lotion extra special, make it yourself at home from scratch or order an unscented lotion base that you can add to. I must mention, however, that lotion making is a bit more complicated than soap making. Because lotion contains a large percentage of water, it has the capability to grow microorganisms. If you make lotion, you also have to add some form of cosmetic anti-microbial chemical to increase its shelf-life.

If that sounds like a bit much, instead of lotion you could try making body butter. Body butter is simply fat that is whipped into a cream. Because it lacks the water of lotion, it does not grow microbes as readily and only needs a preservative if you want to be extra careful.


chocolate box gift
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There’s nothing like food as a classic gift. No matter what the celebration or occasion, eating something is always appropriate. I know this is obvious, but there are so many options for a food gift that I don’t know where to begin.

Chocolates, cakes, pies, cookies, or even just candied nuts make excellent foods to give if the person isn’t trying to lead a very strict, healthy lifestyle. You can order a gift basket or make your own.

If your giftee is focusing on a healthy lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a food gift. I’ve already written how to craft a healthy gift basket for such circumstances. When making a healthy food gift basket, it’s important to remember that healthy does not mean boring. Seasoning is the main star when it comes to healthy cooking. Craft some gourmet flavors for them to experience.

Gift Cards

spotify gift card
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I’m not a huge fan of gift cards but they do serve a pretty specific purpose. They allow the giftee to have more control over what they receive. I want to clarify that I see no value in brand-specific gift cards, such as one to Starbucks. It’s better to give a gift card that applies to a marketplace, such as Amazon, or a card that helps purchase a service like Hotel.com. For brick and mortar stores, I prefer a prepaid debit gift card.

Your gift card can be received extremely well or poorly, depending on the overall price. I believe this is the only difficulty with this particular gift. How much to give is a hard question to answer. It simply varies depending on what the card applies to. A card for Amazon is fine at $50-100 but for Hotel.com several hundred dollars is the only way to get value from the card.

I wouldn’t purchase a gift card lightly. It’s already an impersonal gift so the thought into the overall amount is what’s going to matter. That means whereas a $15 soap set can be considered amazing, a $15 gift card can be seen as worthless.


girl with cool t shirt
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Most people are aware of t-shirts but aren’t aware of the incredible amount of artwork you can find on them. Sites like Redbubble and Design By Humans have some of the most unique art you’ll ever find.

I have purchased from Design By Humans several times and have had the shirts for nearly 10 years now. They are of amazing quality and make perfect gifts.

You can always find new shirts each year that tie in with your giftee’s favorite shows, movies, profession, or hobbies. They will probably look forward to your shirt as their collection grows if you select wisely.

The only troublesome thing about t-shirts is, like with all clothing, you need to know their size. I don’t think it’s a big issue to ask the person, but it might lessen the surprise just a bit.

If you want a recommendation on what to get for starters, I suggest going with a nature theme. Animals and plants are loved by practically everyone and a lot of the artwork for them is brilliant.


new york city candle gift
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I love candles. I also believe everyone loves candles even if they don’t know it yet.

Candles can transform a regular day into something magical. Imagine a crisp autumn morning with the light fragrance of apple cinnamon lingering in the air. If that doesn’t get you excited you need some serious help.

The allure of candles and their numerous scents has even led many people to collect them. These candle hunters are always on the search for new smells and combinations. If you think this sounds silly, you have probably never experienced the smell of a high-quality candle.

Sure enough, candles are one of those products where quality truly makes or breaks how good it is.

While melting wax and adding fragrance sounds like a simple process, getting the perfect candle is an art. Scent throw, structure, color, etc., all depend on the crafter to use the right materials and processes. Add fragrance when the wax is too hot and it will evaporate by the time the wax hardens. Use the wrong type of wax and it won’t be able to hold much fragrance oil. Use the wrong wick and the flame might not burn hot enough.

When you find a properly crafted candle it will turn your world upside down.

However, it’s not just the scents that make candles amazing. They also come in awesome, decorative containers that can add to a home’s aesthetics. If you are only familiar with the standard glass candle jars, you will be amazed at how beautiful these containers can be. It’s the ideal packaging for a gift.

Keep Giving Perfect Gifts

Don’t let finding the perfect gifts stop you from getting something amazing. A lot of times we get so scared of giving something that won’t be considered “perfect” that we end up not giving anything at all. Don’t let that happen to you. If you follow this list you will never have to worry about not knowing what to give.

Additionally, if you want to go above and beyond, I suggest you read more gift guide articles. There you will find inspiration for giving exceptional gifts based on a person’s unique interests.

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