6 Brilliant Unicorn Gifts For Any Fantasy Lover

Here are 6 unicorn gifts to get your brain jumpstarted. This selection barely scratches the surface and is only meant to act as a reference. Look through and see the colorful possibilities with unicorn designs. Click an image to view the product.

Magical Day

unicorn head white duvet bedding

This unicorn duvet cover set achieves the perfect balance of elegance and color. White and pink work well together and don’t overpower the touches of gold. Perfect for little girls of teens.

Happy Unicorn Head

rainbow unicorn duvet bedding

A cheerful unicorn duvet cover great for adding personality to your room decor. I would have preferred for the outside gradient to match the inside of the ears but it still looks good. A soft color palette lets it fit more interiors.

Unicorn Galaxy

galaxy bedding

I love galaxy designs and that includes this cover. They achieved great contrast without the use of a heavy line. Perfect for older unicorn lovers and also those who enjoy astronomy.

Unicorn Glitter Phone Case

unicorn glitter phone case

This unicorn phone case is vibrant and adorable. The smug unicorns are really funny and the imperfect art style adds to its charm. I don’t use phone cases myself but I think this is a great gift for anyone that does.

Fluffy Unicorn Purse

fluffy unicorn purse

Can you say “Too Cute”? These little purses are great for any little princess. Their pastel colors and adorable eyes are impossible not to like.

Fluffy Unicorn Backpack

fluffy unicorn backpack

These rainbow mini backpacks are great for any adventurous princess. It features a soft fur-like coat and cute ears with a horn. Although it can get outgrown fast, it looks sweet while it lasts.

Unicorn Gifts and more

After reading this, if you still don’t see the best gift for your unicorn lover, check out more recommendations.