[5 Reasons] A Gaming PC is a better gift than a Console

best gaming gifts pc vs consoles

A PC makes a better gaming gift than the latest console. While this claim is controversial, the reasoning is completely justified. Gaming PC’s are better.

Now before you claim I’m a PC snob, know that I have owned several consoles: Nintendo 64, Sega, PS1-4, Xbox, Xbox 360, and even handhelds. This isn’t an article meant to promote the “PC master race.”

This is purely an article by someone who can no longer honestly recommend a console over a gaming PC.

If you want to know why a PC is a better gaming gift than the Xbox, Playstation, or any other console, you need to keep reading.

Why PC’s are better gaming gifts than consoles

Here are some significant reasons why you’ll want to consider a pc over a console. I try not to add too much opinion and instead focus on considerable facts. This way you will be able to make an informed decision for yourself.

1. PC’s are true multi-purpose machines

When making a purchase, it helps if the product can serve multiple purposes. It saves money, space, and overall waste when one product meets all of your needs.

Although developers of consoles have tried to market them as multimedia machines, they never come close to the functionality of PCs. Even when you take the things that they can do, i.e. browse the internet; listen to music, and play streaming apps; the process is usually clucky and much slower.

There’s also something special about being able to use your computer and simply open a game whenever you get bored. If it’s a gaming laptop, this means extreme portability with your gaming experience.

A gaming PC is also capable of running more than just games. You can add video editing software, graphic design programs, and much more.

2. Mods Extend a Game’s Life For Several Years

PC games often develop a community that includes talented modders. These individuals improved and alter the base game, sometimes creating a whole new experience. They are also known to fix problems that the majority of players complain about.

This community-based updating of content can keep a game alive far longer than even the original developers intended. Game developers have realized this important aspect of computer gaming for a long time, but we are only now starting to see it brought into the console arena. Fallout 4 was one of the first major titles to allow user mods on console.

It’s a great direction, but too little, too late. I’ve been playing RPG’s on a console for my whole life and the lack of mods was always disheartening. Seeing the fun other players were having after I had already finished the base game was annoying. However, I already had my console and school laptop. I couldn’t justify spending money to buy another PC. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Consoles are losing their cost-effective competitive edge

When I first got into gaming, my goto excuse for not buying a PC was that they were too expensive and consoles were cheaper. Well, with the new ps5 having a rumored $499-$599 price tag, they are entering the territory of low-end gaming PC’s.

Consoles already have few advantages to speak of and removing their biggest one may prove to be a mistake.

What can a low-end gaming PC (approx. $500-$600) accomplish? Well, it can play pretty much every major AAA gaming title on moderate graphic settings…yeah. With their prices being more similar, people will begin to compare the pros and cons of consoles vs PCs more than ever.

4. Full mouse and keyboard compatibility

Only certain games are compatible with mouse and keyboard on console. Not a big problem unless you want to get the most out of games that were originally developed for PC and also shooter games.

Strategy games and MMORPGs are especially painful to play. The controller makes navigating slow and clunky. The speed and seamless gameplay might sound like snobbish remarks, but it truly changes a gaming experience.

Shooters are also limited by controllers. The speed and precision of a mouse are hard to beat. There is a learning curve, but once developed, skills on a computer often outshine those on a console.

This isn’t a clear pro or con since it comes down to preference, but as a gaming gift, I assume your giftee is an avid gamer. That means they will want to emulate the pro players they watch on Twitch and Youtube. The majority of which uses mouse and keyboards.

5. PC Gaming encourages learning

I made an observation a while ago that PC gamers, even young ones, have a higher understanding of technical components. That’s not saying PC gamers are naturally smarter, but the hardware requires you to learn more. The options a PC allows and varying builds are intimidating for someone who doesn’t know anything about them. This forces users to search and learn. In addition, when a part goes out of date or needs repair, you can either pay to get it worked on or do it yourself by watching videos. All of this adds up and ultimately becomes a good skillset working with computers.

I also find that computer gaming helps with digital skills. Updating drivers, dealing with plugin issues, opening files in the sandbox, etc., all build a level of proficiency that isn’t common with most people these days. If they take an interest in modding games they could be on their way to learning a professional-level skillset.

What’s a better gaming gift than one that might lead them into professional game development?

Bonus: Exclusives are moving to open PC markets

I hate console exclusive games with a passion. It’s console’s main noteworthy selling point, and one I hope disappears.

Luckily, my hopes and dreams seem to be becoming a reality. Microsoft is bringing its exclusives to the open PC market. While you still need an Xbox Live account (free version/silver), this is still a huge step.

A lot of this has to do with the rise of crossplay gaming. As this Sony executive states, having exclusive multiplayer games also released for PC widens the player base. Essentially, it’s just healthier for the game’s longevity. This is great signaling that Sony may follow Microsoft’s footsteps.

While I don’t expect every exclusive to make its way to open PC marketplaces, all of the big multiplayer titles could. That means, with a PC, you can play the best Xbox multiplayer titles and possibly the best Playstation multiplayer titles!

Best Gaming Gift Going Forward

Obviously, for consoles to survive, they need to keep their exclusive single-player games, but many AAA developers see crossplay multiplayer as the future. That means, in the end, a PC will be the best gaming gift with the widest amount of AAA titles to choose from (PC already has the most overall games to choose from). Although consoles still hold a few benefits, mainly their exclusive titles and ease of use, PCs come out on top by an overwhelming margin.

So there you have it, a mostly unbiased look at why a gaming computer is a better gift than a console. If you enjoyed this article, please share. Also, if a computer is out of your budget, consider these awesome sweaters as a unique gaming gift. Thanks!