20 Fan Favorite Harry Potter Gifts For Adults

20 fan favorite harry potter gifts for adults

Harry Potter gifts for adults will never get old. This historic series has created a lifelong dedicated fanbase that will always love the world of magic. Ever since the first book, a community has formed and with it, an opportunity for people to show their consideration. Impress that Hogwarts lover by getting them the best Harry Potter gift they have ever seen.

Best Harry Potter Gifts For Adults

It doesn’t matter if the giftee is an OG reader or solely a movie watcher, this list of gifts will have their mouths watering. From tapestries to authentic models, there is something for every price point and level of fandom.

1. Marauder’s Map Tapestry

What better way to show they are a Hogwarts graduate than to have a brilliant display of Marauder’s Map? The revealing document is a great representation that implies your recipient knows the ins and outs of the famous academy. As a Harry Potter gift, this tapestry also provides great decor for any vintage themed room.

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2. Hogwarts Rule Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Harry Potter fashion meets comfort with this stunning throw blanket. Sometimes a fan just wants to go all out, especially when binge-watching a movie marathon. This Hogwarts style blanket will allow them to look the part and stay comfy while chilling out on the sofa.

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3. Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Despite being unofficial, I was surprised to see the level of finesse with this cookbook. The recipes are practical and not a bunch of nonsense. You get some cute fan jargon throughout as well as recipes for iconic dishes. As far as Harry Potter gifts go, this is perfect for a fan that loves cooking. Heck, even if they don’t like cooking, the thrill of making these British style dishes is hard to resist.

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4. Harry Potter Coloring Book

Who said coloring books are just for kids? Adult coloring books are hot items right now. This Harry Potter coloring book will delight any fan, adult or otherwise. They will be able to apply their own personal color palettes to the various artwork.

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5. Harry Potter Card Deck

Don’t let your Harry Potter fan play with a boring, normal card deck! Turn their world upside down with these artful cards featuring Harry Potter characters and themes. However, I have to warn you. They just might become a wizard at card games. If you start losing bets after giving this gift, don’t blame me.

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6. Clue Board Game

Is your giftee part of a fan group? Maybe their whole family loves the Harry Potter universe. Either way, this Clue board game is a perfect gift for Harry Potter fans. They can play an exciting match with friends and family. You can solve mysteries playing as everyone’s favorite characters such as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and more.

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7. Wizard Chess Set

Chess is one of my favorite games. Even at the workplace, it’s a great way to interact with other people and pass time. If there was any way I would think chess could be improved, it’s this. The Harry Potter wizard chess set turns the normal pieces into decorative versions. I love this take on Harry Potter gifts for adults. It really takes a classic and modifies it completely. The knight looks genuinely terrifying.

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8. Heat Changing Harry Potter Mug

This is a Harry Potter gift that can add some needed interest to the regular cup of joe or tea. Heat changing mugs work by showing one image when cold and then change to show another image when hot. The heat changing Harry Potter mugs are available in several different designs, including the parchment paper one above. I personally love the idea of heat changing mugs but still haven’t convinced myself to get one. Your giftee could be the same, which gives you a chance to deliver an unusual Harry Potter gift.

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9. Knee-High Hogwarts Socks

Is your giftee someone who likes unique fashion? If so, these knee-high socks will make a great gift. Fans will appreciate the vibrant colors and detailed sigil. The red and yellow of this pair goes well with many other Harry Potter-themed clothing.

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10. Hogwarts Lego Castle Replica

Despite being a Lego kit, this is still an awesome Harry Potter gift for adults. With over 6000 pieces, this kit becomes a work of art once completed. Die-hard fans will be ecstatic to have a replica as part of their collection, even if it takes a lot of time to put together. The effort it takes piecing it all bit by bit is part of the charm this gift possesses.

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11. Harry Potter Accessory Gift Set

A makeup case, wallet, and coin purse all in one set for your Harry Potter fan. There’s no reason accessories can’t match their awesome Hogwart’s apparel. With this set, their outfit can be truly complete and your giftee will become full-fledged alumni. Too bad it’s not big enough to fit a wizard staff.

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12. Harry Potter Pajama Set

If your recipient can’t wear their Hogwarts gear during the day, give them something they can wear at night. A comfy pair of pajamas is an excellent choice. From the pattern to the crest, these pajama sets are any fan’s dream.

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13. Owl Plush Wizard Gift

A good plush is impossible to hate no matter what age you are. This cute snow owl is one of many Harry Potter stuffed animals. Make your giftee feel like a real wizard with this fluffy pet. I love the realism they decided to go with, making the stuffed animal appropriate for all ages.

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14. Marauder’s Map Scarf

Scarfs don’t get enough recommendations. Ones like this Marauder’s map scarf make the best harry potter gifts. They add a lot of appeal to outfits and keep a person warm during strong winds. Maybe your giftee can wear this and start a fashion trend. Officially licensed scarfs should definitely be more popular than they are.

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15. Marauder’s Map Beanie

That’s right, we are going full gear with the outerwear. Crank up the style even more with a very detailed beanie of Marauder’s map. The scarf alone would be too lonely, so I decided to throw this in as well. Your Harry Potter gift recipient will be the envy of every fan. If there is one thing I really like about Harry Potter apparel it’s that the colors aren’t too striking. It’s easy to wear with other everyday clothing.

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16. Harry Potter Women’s Varsity Jacket

Speaking of easy to wear, this varsity jacket takes the cake. It’s one of the more practical Harry Potter gifts for adults. Your giftee can throw out their dull, boring, uninteresting jacket and replace it with this ultra-amazing, extravagant, unique masterpiece. Am I making it clear how cool this varsity jacket is? It also comes in a variety of sizes making it accessible for plenty of adults.

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17. Harry Potter Tote Bag

How about a Harry Potter tote bag to go along with the outfit? They need something to carry all of their magic books in style. The gold and brown vintage design goes well with the other items on this list. Featuring Hogwarts print on the front and a school list on the back, this is a must-have gift for adult Harry Potter fans.

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18. Harry Potter Men’s Varsity Hoodie

The ladies had their entry so here’s one for the guys. If your giftee enjoys a good hoodie, why not get them this cool selection. There are multiple crest versions so you can select their favorite. Officially licensed and made with a cotton blend, it’s sure to be soft and keep them warm on cold days. Also, though I claimed this as an entry for the guys, women are more than welcomed to enjoy it.

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19. Spellbound Harry Potter Comforter

A Harry Potter comforter lets a fan finally eat, breathe, and sleep thinking about Hogwarts. They might even start dreaming about turning into a griffon. Comforters come in a variety of designs and sizes so you may need to know your giftee’s bed size beforehand. However, I doubt a fan will complain if you order a size too big. The more the merrier.

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20. Gold Snitch Key Chain

Here is an extremely affordable option that still has a lot of wow-factor. This golden key chain is still every bit as thoughtful as the previous gifts and looks spectacular. It’s also one of the most iconic items in Harry Potter, giving it sentimental value. All your gift recipient has to do is snap it in place and let its awesomeness rub off onto them.

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Best Harry Potter Gifts For Adults In One Place

Hopefully, this list of the best Harry Potter gifts has been helpful for you. With all of the accessories, apparel, and other items, you should be able to spoil your recipient nonstop. Combine some of the items listed and create an awesome gift bag for them.

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