16 [Star Themed] Astronomy Gifts Will Blow Their Minds

16 star themed astronomy gifts

Each of these star-themed astronomy gifts will be something they remember. Give them a piece of space that they can call theirs and remember forever.

Astronomy is one of those science that isn’t always understood but still serves as a source of inspiration. Stars, constellations, and celestial bodies are so beautiful that even without knowing the science, people are allured. It’s no wonder why star-themed astronomy gifts can hold significant value for a person. Especially for an astronomer.

I have put together a hand-picked selection of unique and amazing items that any astronomy lover will adore. There is something for every age group. Even if you are giving to a budding stargazer, you can find the perfect item for them.

Best Star Themed Gifts

I really wanted to focus on star-themed gifts for this list because that is usually the first thing that attracts people to space. Looking up at night, seeing those bright sparkles is all it takes to entrance someone. Everyone can feel a connection with the beautiful symbol.

Here is a list of the best star-themed astronomy (and astrology) gifts.

Boosca Stars in a Jar Silver Necklace

This stars in a jar necklace gives me the impression of a fairytale. The soft yellow contrasts perfectly with the pearl white. It’s nearly impossible to look at this and not feel like stars will come pouring out at any moment. Supposedly made from gold-plated, S925 sterling silver, this is one astronomy gift they will definitely remember.

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Odinstone Cats on Moon Silver Pendant

Nothing is greater than mixing two passions in one. If your stargazer is also a cat lover, this pendant is an instant winner. Two kitties staring off towards a distant star is also great symbolism as a couple’s gift. Made with 925 sterling silver from Italy, this is a quality pendant at an affordable price.

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Nightlight Star Projector

I wish I could say this is one of the star-themed gifts for kids, but I actually want this for my own room. Nightlight star projectors are a great way to make bedtime exciting. If you have kids (or are a kid at heart like me) this will be the perfect room addition. With remote control, it can be enjoyed and turned off all from the comfort of the bed.

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3D Moon Nightlight

Another nightlight but this one is for people who want a decor-oriented gift. This color-changing moon will serve as a special talking point for guests and add interest to their home. Interactive astronomy gifts are always the best. With rechargeable batteries, it can be charged and placed wherever needed.

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Leafeal Zodiac Bracelet

It’s hard to discuss astronomy gifts without bringing up astrology. Astrology is the ultimate love for stars. Believing that the cosmic elements have an effect on our lives shows a deep passion for stars. This stunning zodiac bracelet will amaze anyone who is passionate about astronomy and astrology alike. With Swarovski crystals, you can be sure it will sparkle brilliantly when received.

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Pavaruni Galaxy Pendant

I don’t know who was the first to start the galaxy pendant trend but Pavaruni delivers one of the best pitches. They tout genuine glass crafting using material from Japan and actual silver pieces inside the pendant. The resulting product is exceptional among any astronomy gifts. The unique designs truly give the impression of a pocket-sized galaxy.

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Citizen Limited-Edition Star Wars Watch

I saw this Starwars-themed watch and couldn’t help but include it in this list. If you know an astronomer that doesn’t love space-fiction that will be a first for me. The intimidating Death Star makes for the perfect limited edition watch design. Although it is Starwars, I still consider it one of the best luxury, star-themed gifts.

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Shengke Ultra Thin Minimalist Star Watch

Maybe Starwars really isn’t something your recipient likes or maybe the price point is too steep. If that’s the case, perhaps this elegant, minimalist star watch will make them scream with glee. I love the color combination of this watch. Blue and gold look stunning together. The small attention to detail with the star background makes this a perfect astronomer gift for women. Waterproof and made with stainless steel, this watch can accompany them nearly anywhere.

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INTHouse Starry Desert Night Tapestry

Decorating a home is a great way to showcase your passion. That’s why this starry night tapestry can serve as a meaningful star themed gift for them. A tapestry is more versatile than wall decor. Not only can it be hung on a wall, but if they don’t have space it can still be used as furniture cover.

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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Heat Changing Space Mug

A heat changing mug is about as unique as you can get. Coffee drinking can get boring after a while, but with these mugs, it becomes great again. Watching the image come into focus will certainly delight an astronomer. The heat from their drink will reveal constellations, connected and named. With a 10oz holding capacity, the gift also serves as a legitimate coffee mug.

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Chef’s Vision Cosmos Knife Set

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. These are real knives with a galaxy print on them. I think it’s safe to say that astronomy gifts don’t get more diehard than this. Made with stainless steel and a nonstick coating, your gift recipient will probably find these to be the best knives they have ever owned. The set goes all the way from 3.5 inches to 8 inches for versatile cutting potential.

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Simplove Black Star Necklace

You know a real star lover when you see them with a black star. While most people accompany light attributes with stars, astronomers are ones to consider their opposites. A black star can represent several things, but one can be a belief in pursuing knowledge about space. Some astronomers believe that black holes are actually dark energy stars. What does that mean? I don’t know, but it sounds cool.

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Dulcii 100% Cotton Constellation Throw Blanket

Do you know someone who is absolutely insane about astrology? Maybe they eat and breath, astrology? Well with this cotton zodiac throw blanket you can make sure they also sleep thinking about astrology. It features all of the zodiacs, their dates, and the signs. This home decor gift will turn any room into an official star lover space.

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Lina & Lily Constellation Scarf

There’s nothing wrong with a good piece of fashion accessory, especially when you don’t know which star-themed gift to get. Lina & Lily’s constellation scarf is great for putting a little touch of space to any outfit. It comes in a medium thickness, allowing for use during any season.

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Liderstar Glow in the Dark Star Blanket

Alright, here’s one that is truly for the young stargazers. What child isn’t excited by a glow in the dark gift? It’s such a unique twist that a simple item, such as a blanket, can become extraordinary. Liderstar’s blanket is also crafted for a furry feeling that translates into maximum comfort.

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Pure Country Weavers Aurora Galaxy Space Fairy Cotton Blanket

I wanted to wrap up this list of the best star-themed astronomy gifts with something wild. This woven cotton blanket delivers exactly that. The mix of fantasy and space is literally a mind-blowing aspect. Some of the best art and film created this century has taken the unknown of space and filled in the details using imagination. This blanket with the space fairy does exactly that. I’m sure an astronomer would see it as a symbol to never stop believing what could possibly be out there.

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Best Astronomy Gifts

Wasn’t that list amazing? Ok. I shouldn’t toot my own horn but still. This was a legitimate attempt to handpick the best star-themed astronomy gifts for your recipient. Hopefully, you saw something they will truly enjoy. At the very least, I want you to leave with an idea of things that will make them happy.

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