15 Insane Housewarming Gift Ideas For Couples

insane housewarming gift ideas for couples

Housewarming gifts for couples can be insanely fun and unique. Discover how to give a gift that will make them adore their new home for years.

It’s common to struggle to decide what you should give as a housewarming gift. You don’t want to fill the new home with junk but you want to give something to show your congratulations.

I have your back!

This article will go over the best housewarming gift ideas that will be easy to followthrough.

What makes a good housewarming gift for couples

Before we dive into the ideas, it’s important to clarify what makes a good housewarming gift for couples. Knowing this will allow you to decide your own gifts if these ideas don’t satisfy you. A good gift, in this regard, revolves around personality, enjoyment, functionality, and improvement.

Personality is about choosing an item that will add uniqueness to the home, making it feel like theirs. This type of gift is easier to choose if you know the hobbies and favorite media of the couple.

Enjoyment is about adding fun to the new home. It aims to make home-owning life more pleasurable. These are the most difficult gifts to find but also have the most value.

Functionality can also be described as convenience, and focuses on making certain aspects easier. There are numerous gifts that fall into this area. I think the best example of functional gifts is kitchen gadgets.

Improvement, similar to functionality, is about enhancing the existing space. I need to stress that this applies to the indoors and outdoors. The outside area is often forgotten.

Of the four, I find functionality to be the easiest quality to follow. The market is flooded with products that are designed to make our lives easier in some way. For example, a dishwasher is a grand gift that makes kitchen cleanup simple.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

After seeing the four qualities you likely already have an idea of the gift you think would be perfect. If that’s so, great! If not, don’t worry. I have a list of housewarming gift ideas for couples that will get the ball rolling.

Unique home decor

unique home decor house warming gifts

Home decor is essential for personalizing a new house. Whether it’s just throw pillows or comforters, anything that is based on their specific interests will work. You need to go beyond the cookie-cutter decor that is seen in popular chain stores. For this purpose, I like to search online to find the most unique options. Site’s like Amazon and Redbubble offer a huge selection of designs based on specific niches. I personally enjoy the number of funny decors you can find on Amazon. Like these hilarious coasters.

When picking out decor it helps to understand the design of the house beforehand. If you read my article about designing for small spaces, you know that sometimes a decor is very calculated. The last thing you want is to give something that clashes with their interior design choices. Here are some decor ideas that I favor particularly.

Unique Throw Pillows

Affordable and fun, throw pillows offer a lot of options when it comes to design and gift selection. It seems that I always recommend them and that’s because I do always recommend them. When it comes to home decor, throw pillow designs are as expansive as individual pieces of art. Due to new printing technology, you can literally have artwork and photos printed on pillowcases. I have seen some of the most impressive designs available for pillows. Fanart and themes that I have never seen elsewhere turn throw pillows into an exceptional house warming gift.

Stunning Wall Art

After throw pillows, wall art is my second all-purpose gift recommendation. It comes in equal, if not more variety, and serves to spice up vertical space. The reason I consider wall art a tier below throw pillows is because they don’t have the same functionality. Wall art is purely decorative (for the most part) but the amount of improvement it provides to a home is invaluable. For a cool housewarming gift, look for wall art with a love theme.

Decorative Throw Blankets

Another functional decor, throw blankets are comfortable additions to the home. They come in many designs, though not as many as the former decors mentioned. Where throw blankets see an advantage is in its ability to be moved around and used as a blanket, furniture cover, rug, or tapestry. These decorative decors offer a lot of versatility and as a result, make it easier to incorporate personality. I always recommend Pure Country Weaver on Amazon when it comes to throw blankets. Not only do they have stunning designs that will make excellent housewarming gifts, but they use 100% cotton.

Time-saving Kitchenware and Gadgets

kitchen house gift

I think there comes a point in everyone’s life where they realize the kitchen can either be a scary place or a fun one. It all depends on how you set it up and the equipment you have available. Most people neglect to buy the right equipment. This is why kitchenware and gadgets are almost always well received.

Countertop Dishwasher

Possibly the most noticeable, time-saving kitchen gadget is the dishwasher. Because many pre-furnished homes now come with these machines, people forget that they can make a good housewarming gift. If you discover that the home is without a dishwasher, it may be a good idea to consider a countertop version as a substantial gift that doesn’t drain your wallet.

Family Size Steamer

I know, however, that large gifts can still be stressful on your finances and somewhat imposing on the giftee. For a more delicate approach, kitchen gadgets that open up different cooking methods can be better. I like taking healthy approaches to cooking and as a mid-level gift, nothing beats a good steamer.

With a steamer, you are not only saving your giftee time when cooking but giving an alternative, healthier method. This separates it from other things like the stove and gives the gift purpose. A kitchen gift without purpose is likely to just collect dust.

Decorative Kitchen Utensils

If you still have doubts about getting a large gift, another amazing option is decorative utensils. Not only are these amazing to look at but they will assist in everyday cooking.

These kitchen knives from Amazon are gorgeous and serve every function as a regular knife. The designs range all the way from galaxy to nature-themed. I can only imagine a couple’s face when they unbox these as their housewarming gift.

Funny Couple Mugs

Here is another affordable option that is sure to be a hit. Who doesn’t love a little marriage humor? Drinkware like the two glasses above shows how even a simple gift can be great if picked properly. You can find plenty of couple mugs with funny jokes or even get them personalized with the names of the gift recipients. Despite being one of the lower-priced items on this list, they can have one of the strongest effects as a gift.

Smart home house warming gifts for couples

smart home house warming gift

You would think most people would be familiar with the convenience of smart home devices but that isn’t true. Despite being a fan, I can only think of one house that I have visited which also had a smart home device installed. After acknowledging this, I realized how much room there is to expose others to this innovation in the form of gift-giving.

Robot Vacuum

Now that couples are likely to both be working, cleaning has become a chore that neither wants to do. Much like the dishwasher, another functional gift is a robot vacuum.

After people realize a robot vacuum actually works they never want to live without it. While people usually vacuum daily or weekly, these devices can work by the hour to keep your floor cleaner with less effort.

Amazon Alexa, smart plugs, and security

As I covered in a separate article, adding smart plugs and the Amazon ai system, Alexa, can make a home extremely more convenient. This is a great house warming gift especially for couples with children. You can complete small tasks like turning on lights and opening the garage door all with your voice.

For those who enjoy lounging, Alexa also provides control over music, smart tv’s, and your streaming subscriptions. Instead of having to get up and type stuff in, you can do it all from the comfort of your seat.

In addition, safety should be a concern for every homeowner. With Alexa, you can also install the Ring Alarm home security and control with voice and smartphone. Ring Alarm claims to offer whole-house security and 24/7 monitoring. Alexa can send alerts straight to your smartphone so you are kept aware, even when away. It sounds like the perfect home security and would be a great house warming gift for couples who might not have thought yet to secure their new investment.

Digital Photo Frame

Sometimes people have too many memorable pictures and not enough space. Digital photo frames not only solve that problem but also offers more benefits. People can share photos remotely to the digital frame and it can be accessed anywhere with a wifi connection. This is an exceptional electronic that also functions as unique home decor.

The frame displays in HD and is able to be wall-mounted for sophisticated placement. It’s sleek design and innovation makes it perfect for a couple moving into a modern-themed home.

Outdoor housewarming gifts

outdoor housewarming gifts

When it comes to housewarming gifts for couples, people fail to acknowledge the outside portion that comes along with the house. Not only does this eliminate many amazing gift options, but it doesn’t encourage the couple to utilize their outdoor space. I want to give you some outdoor housewarming gift ideas that either encourage them to head outside or improves the experience.

Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I can’t begin to explain how much I love my Bluetooth speakers. When I want to have fun outdoors, many times my phone or laptop won’t cut it. That’s where these little speakers come in. Despite the compact size, the volume from these units is more than enough to get the party started. Your housewarming giftees will be jamming nonstop in their new home and outside. Extra points for charging it up and having it ready to play when you give it away. The particular speaker above also comes with a cute LED light that makes night gatherings more special.

Patio Firepit

I mentioned the music, now comes the other half of the party…the fire! As I pointed out here, people are naturally drawn to fire. Having a firepit gives the couple access to an instant celebration. They can host a gettogether for no reason other than to enjoy the natural warmth on a cool night.

The only problem with firepits is that they are another imposing gift and come with obvious safety requirements. Their outdoor area needs to be large enough to accommodate the pit, both horizontally and vertically.

Giant Game Sets For Outdoors

Sometimes just having a game laying around is all you need to start a friendly match. People don’t generally think about games but if one is available, they can’t resist the allure. I can’t think of a better attention grabber than supersized versions of popular games. It’s a flawless housewarming gift for couples that will keep their spirits high. In addition, although this is focused on outdoor appeal, these games work just as well indoors.

Small Fruit Tree

Yes, surprise! Fruit trees have finally earned a long-awaited place on this list. Nothing says “home” better than a fruit tree that grows and produces more every year. The tree above is a Chicago Hardy Fig. I choose it for a specific reason. The Chicago fig is fast-growing, does well in large containers, requires little care, is cold hardy, and fruits in 1-2 years. It is an all-star fruit tree that works well as a gift.

I really think fruit trees are extremely underused as gifts. If there is a single recommendation I would hope you take to heart, it is this. Also, rather than purchase online, I recommend getting your trees from a local nursery. Not only will they be acclimated to your weather, but you can inspect them for pests and quality.

Housewarming Gift Ideas That Will Amaze Them

Hopefully, these insane housewarming gifts for couples have exceeded your expectations. I tried to find a good balance between extreme gifts and more reasonable ones. If you enjoyed this read, please share and go read more helpful articles.