14 Unique Experience Gifts For Kids To Blow Their Minds

14 unique experience gifts for kids

These unique experience gifts for kids will provide everlasting memories and possibly shape their behavior for the rest of their lives. From amazing kits to stunning adventures, this list will not disappoint. If you have ever struggled with finding a gift that can have actual influence, you need to keep reading.

I will go through simple DIY kits for kids that stimulates their budding interests, brilliant tech that are not only cool but also functional, and travel options that will leave them wanting to discover more of the world.

Best DIY Unique Experience Gifts For Kids

DIY experience gifts for kids are great for teaching complex things in a fun and simple manner. Perfect for younger ages, these take the guess work out of the material and allow you to focus on which one they would like the most. Here are the top DIY kits for kids that I think your giftee will enjoy.

Butterfly Garden Kit

It’s hard to understand how nature works without seeing it firsthand, however, once they do it’ll likely leave them hooked and more curious. I butterfly garden is classic for exposing kids in a fun and safe way. Raising the caterpillar and watching it transform into a beautiful butterfly, also promotes patients and a sense of nurturing. In a word filled with instant gratification, it’s great that these two qualities can be taught using a fun gift.

In addition, being exposed to the process of another organism helps alleviate the mysteriousness and show that other lifeforms have their own interactions with the planet. Next time someone says a dangerous pesticide is harming pollinators like the Monarch butterfly, the child can remember the experience they had raising the majestic insect.

Exotic Vegetable Garden Kit

It’s hard to believe that a lot of people go through life only knowing the common fruits and vegetables found in supermarket. Your child is likely no different, which is why this experience gift is amazing. You can create or fuel their desire to eat new foods and grow rare edibles with an exotic growing kit.

This DIY growing kit for children will have them getting their hands dirty and learning was it takes to grow something. Imagine their surprise when that something looks wildly different than any other food they’ve seen. The best part about this kit is that it’s easy to take the concept and simply make a kit yourself.

With a pot, some potting soil, and a packet of seeds, you can have them growing any rare edible you want. For a truly breathtaking experience gift try making your own kit and placing the seed in an unlabeled bad. It will be up to them to grow the plant properly in order to break the suspense and solve the mystery of what you gave them.

If you want a reputable provider of unique edibles, check out Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Soap Making Kit For Kids

I love soap making. Seriously. OK, so I can only do melt and pour soaps, but that’s irrelevant. It’s the ridiculously delicious smelling fragrances that keep me hooked. Discovering such smells and learning how to craft them into soap is a rewarding experience that’s hard to explain.

DIY soap fragrances are infinitely better than what is commonly sold. It’s a sensory craft that will no doubt keep them wanting to continue making bath and body crafts for their entire life. When I first realized the scents and scent combinations I could create, it was love at first sniff. I like this kit in particular because it doesn’t just give some meaningless instructions. It actually dives into the fundamentals of soap making to help inspire your kid to pursue it further. However, it doesn’t include any fragrances 🙁

Because soap making requires adult supervision for younger children, it and excellent opportunity to expose yourself as well if you’ve never crafted soap before. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman; this experience gift is for all to enjoy. If you want to skip the kid stuff and learn hand-in-hand with your child, I recommend viewing tutorials on Youtube.

Mushroom Growing Kit – Natural Experience Gifts For Kids

Similar to the vegetable garden kit, mushrooms growing kits are an interactive experience with a hint of mystery behind it. While your kid won’t really be growing the mushrooms, they will be gaining an understanding and appreciation for the Fungi kingdom.

These gnarly looking bags or logs, look seemingly lifeless until they are slit open and allowed to blossom into the world. Time should be taken to teach kids about the dangers of eating unknown mushrooms (lethal), but if that understanding is learned it can be an adventure for them to grow mushrooms from scratch and gain knowledge about how they develop.

Many people, after experiencing the magic of mushroom growing, fall in love with the hobby. They go on to make full careers out of fungi farming. Even if that’s not the outcome with your child, at the least, they will learn an alternative way to grow food that they can teach others.

Crystal Growing Kit

While not the most spectacular of experience gifts it does open up the realm of geology and the workings of the earth. If you have a curious kid who you can’t seem to keep out of the dirt, they will probably thrilled to watch their own crystal form over several days. I remember how as a child myself rocks were a big fascination. I would love to find different ones with varying compositions that I could collect for no other reason than to look at them. If you would have told me that growing a crystal was a thing back then, I would have leaped at the chance.

Be warned though that crystal kits do come with a toxic powder and must be used as directed under adult supervision.

Unique Tech Experience Gifts For Kids

We’re starting to step things up a bit with some interesting bits of tech that can open up whole new worlds, not just in the form of knowledge or playfulness, but actual applicable skill. These tech ideas are ones I figured exposing a kid to earlier in life rather than later would be great. By having the opportunity to experience working with these tech items, they can develop their skill much faster.

Drawing Pen and Display For Computer

Every artist starts from pencil to paper. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, in today’s age, graphic design and drawing pens just open up a whole lot more possibilities. It’s not just speed and color range. Computer drawing has a slue of unique effects that take several times longer to achieve on paper than in digital, and even more time to correct if a mistake is made.

The reason I recommend the iPad as a drawing pen and display combo isn’t to just plug a high price item into this article. iPad houses the powerful procreate software that is widely used and, on sites like Creative Market, has an enormous amount of intricate design capabilities ready to unlocked. It is a tremendous experience gift for a kid that loves to draw and do professional artwork. The video below shows the level of speed and detail that can be achieved with the powerful software.

RC Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera

It’s odd to think of a drone as anything other than a way to past time, but these nifty little aircrafts are revolutionary for passionate photographers and videographers. There are rules and licensing required if doing commercial activity, which I suspect is the reason these aren’t more popular. However, with those accounted for, your kid can experience taking their own aerial shots and see the world from a view that escapes most people.

Learning drone photography is not a waste of time either. The realm of professional photography has gotten brutally competitive. That is devastating if the child really wants a career in the field. However, the area of drone photography and videos is much less competitive and can even fetch higher payments. They will have hands-on experience with the most in-demand form of the industry.

It’s important to take time and think before purchasing a drone. That’s why I recommend reading this detailed article from Let Us Drone to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of buying a drone.

Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

It’s time to go from basic gardening to something a little more advanced. This experience gift is all about learning the delicate symbiotic relationships that exist in nature. How many kids learn that plants can grow from fish waste and fish benefit from plant roots?

Children today are so out of touch with the workings of the ecosystem. Even those that value green ideals and practices can often struggle to see the bigger picture of things. An aquaponic ecosystem can shed a little light on the issue and encourage kids to think larger.

Tool Set For Kids

How many kids are taught that when they can’t get something, to build it themselves? Getting tools for a child and teaching them to craft the things they want is not only a unique experience but something they can carry with them throughout life. Whether it’s building outdoor furniture or miniature houses, being able to experience woodworking is something that has become rare these days for children.

There is also a lot of hesitation when working with tools that this simple experience gift can overcome. People who have become DIY enthusiasts usually did so after being exposed or exposing themselves to tools. You gift can spark a passion and make them more self-reliant.

Beginner Telescope For Kids With Phone Attachment

Do I even need to explain how awesome it would be to look out at the night sky and view the moon or constellations? We often live without many hobbies dedicated to nightlife. It’s a real shame because there’s a lot the night has to offer.

A telescope is a great present to help build up their comfort with doing night activities. Not only can they view obvious stuff, like the moon, but there is also that inherent feeling that they’ll be able to see something hidden. Something that no one else has seen…


Just kidding. A little.

UFO watch is a real thing a has inspired a lot of people to start paying more attention to the open skies. Especially the open, night sky. Your experience gift could have them getting a visit by the men in black.

Away From Home Unique Experience Gifts For Kids

Sometimes the best experiences require a little adventure. This away from home experience gifts for kids can truly set them apart from others. They will grow up with a better-rounded outlook on the world.

U-Pick Farm Experience

u-pick farm experience gift for kids

It’s likely, that if a child has grown up in an urban environment, they have had little to no interaction with the part of the country that is responsible for food production. Children not knowing where food comes from is a big problem; one that allows you to create a unique experience gift that is also educational.

Take them to a U-Pick farm and allow them to get up close and personal with food production. The scent of a field full of edibles and being able to pick them is a hard thing to beat. Tasting fruit fresh off the tree, picked at peak ripeness can turn picky eaters into ravenous beasts.

Fall Camping Experience Gifts For Kids

fall camping experience gift

Unless we go out and take a long drive, the true beauty of Fall often remains elusive. Hidden in some of the more remote places of the country, both children and adults often fail to see Fall in it full glory. That’s why planning a camping trip during Autumn can be a way to treat them as well as yourself. If done right, a camping trip offers memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s just one day exploring the wilderness or several nights, there’s some magical about the experience that puts it in a league of its own. In also helps that, as far as experience gifts go, this one doesn’t hit the wallet too hard.

Outdoor Markets, Fairs, and Festivals

outdoor market unique experience gifts for kids

Not your typical “gift”, by taking them outdoors and treating them to a fun time as a reward you are helping them feel more comfortable around groups of people. They will view going out as a good thing and learn how to interact in settings with a large number of people. We often reserve going to events where people gather as a special, often annual, occasion. However, in many places it’s the norm.

Treat them on an adventure at the local farmers market or flea market. If done right it can fell like going to a festival every time.

Fun In (or near) the Water

From whale watching to water parks, an appreciation for life’s most critical element is worth its weight in gold. It’s easy to get caught up in the land we live on, but the ocean and other systems of water deserve just as much recognition. An experience gift that increases their bond with clean water and its importance is amazing. You can even have several days out on the water planned by taking a kid-friendly cruise.

If you are wary of the water and/or can’t swim, fishing and walking along boardwalks are great activities. Have a catch and cook fish fry or get huge ice cream cones while walking along the oceanfront.

Make Your Experience Gifts For Kids Meaningful

Hopefully, this list has given you a great experience gift idea or at least has provided some inspiration. I really wanted to give ideas that would have a great impact on your giftee’s life. Whether you choose to buy an item or do an activity, it’s important to ask what underlying value the gift has.

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