13 Cool New Mom Gifts That You Seriously Need To Get

13 best cool new mom gifts

Cool new mom gifts can be exactly what a mother needs for the months after pregnancy. Postnatal care, both mentally and physically, isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Not only is a new mother’s body recovering but her mind is going through changes due to fluctuating hormone levels. These changes can make stress, depression, and tiredness more prevalent.

You can help safeguard against these negative symptoms buy creating a new mom gift basket filled with cool and considerate items. Not only will she be thrilled to receive something fun but also relieved to see that people are ready to help out.

Before I start giving ideas for thoughtful and cool new mom gifts, I first want to go over the qualities you should look for. Unlike other occasions, these gifts aren’t based on the person’s interests, but instead their state of being. It’s important to understand what a new mom is going through before trying to decide on the perfect presents.

What Makes Good Gifts For A New Mom

There are 3 qualities to new mom gifts that I try to stick to that make them worthwhile. The item has to be for her body, for her mind, and/or for her newborn. Some gifts fulfill several of these qualities, but each gift should fulfill at least one.

Gifts for her mind involve lowering stress, anxiety, insomnia, and tiredness. These are all possible symptoms after childbirth and can become serious enough to need professional help. Serious cases of mental stress can lead to postpartum depression. If you believe the mother is experiencing depression, it is important to see a professional sooner, rather than later. Chances of depression can be reduced by ensuring the mother is well-tended and kept in a healthy space, both mentally and physically. Gifts in this category can even include odd, humorous items that exist just to make people laugh.

Gifts for her body focuses on the many physical changes and stress new moms experience before and after childbirth. Even after the child is born, it can take several weeks to months for a woman’s body to return to normal. During this time it’s not uncommon for them to experience bloating, flatulence, cramps, sweating, and muscle fatigue. In addition to all of these symptoms, there can also be a lot of discomfort and pain from the tissue around the nipples and perineum.

Gifts for her newborn are usually more lighthearted and cuter than the other two types. These can focus on the baby or things that the mother can use for the baby. Gifting items meant for her new child is a great gesture and very meaningful. Even the smallest gift like a personalized card can mean a lot. You can choose to focus on the newborn as they currently are or plan ahead for when they get older. Having stuff ready for the child’s aging can have a comforting effect on the parents.

With those clarifications, let’s get started unveiling the best gifts for new moms.

Best New Mom Gifts For Her Body

These gifts are great for addressing many physical issues. There are a lot of physical issues that occur after childbirth that many people aren’t aware of. Getting a headstart addressing these problems can make a big difference.

Hot and Cold Back Brace For New Mom

Nothing sucks more than having pain that you can’t do anything about and 50% of women experience this very problem. That’s why a back brace is an excellent idea for cool new mom gifts. Although it probably won’t solve their pain, it can certainly help ease it. Packs that allow for both hot and cold are better. It allows her to adjust to whatever feels more comfortable. Remember that back pain can be caused by fluctuating hormone levels which is something that can persist for months after pregnancy. Don’t discount the value of comfort during this period. Any little bit helps.

Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding

Feeding a newborn can cause the nipples to become very sore, even painful. Breastfeeding creams are usually something bought as a reaction to this. You can help out by planning ahead and adding a pack to your new mom gift basket. Applying this before the nipples reach a point of soreness can prevent a lot of grief.

Perineal Spray

The perineum is a delicate area that can get stretched during childbirth. Discomfort and pain can originate from the area for weeks. During the healing period, it’s important to keep the area clean. Perineal sprays help accomplish this and also add herbs that are claimed to assist with inflammation and pain.

Gentle Soap

With torn tissue and sore spots, harsh soaps with fragrances and other chemicals can be extremely irritating. Natural, unscented soap is helpful in avoiding a painful washing experience. It’s important to get unscented versions. Essential oils used to scent natural products can be irritating and have unknown reactions with the mother and newborn.

Therapeutic Bath Soak

Bath soaks are one of the best new mom gifts you can imagine. They are one of the special items that address both the body and mind. People swear by the refreshing properties of magnesium salts (Epsom salt) and its ability to soothing aching areas of the body. Soaking in a warm bath is also a generally relaxing experience. Moments to herself are important for maintaining a healthy mind.

Cool New Mom Gifts For Her Mind

Here are some unique items for your new mom gift basket that will ease her mind and bring a smile to her face. Mental health is crucial through all stages of raising a child and should not be ignored.

Inspirational Accessories and Apparel

I told you these gifts would be fun! It’s important to never underestimate the strong effect of giving someone inspiration. Whether it’s in the form of jewelry, shirts, art, etc., having it there to constantly look at can make a big difference for a new mom. If you can make them laugh with your message, it’s even better. Smiles are worth more than gold during the first months of raising a newborn.

Knowledge For New Moms and Dads

People don’t realize how mentally liberating it is to have knowledge about something. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it eliminates a whole world of stress. In fact, if I had to pick one of the cool new mom gifts out of this list it would be this. Sometimes, the relief can be gained from not even reading the book but just knowing the resource is available. Additionally, even if this is given to the father, it can be reassuring for a new mom to know their significant other has the knowledge to care for the baby alone.

Physical Sleep Aids

Sleep is critical for a new parent and gear that assists in getting rest is always helpful. If they have another caretaker to assist with the baby, items that let them maximize their sleep time can be invaluable. Whether it’s a mask to block light or earmuffs to limit noise, if it helps get some shut-eye it will be appreciated.

Chocolate Covered Fruit or Nuts

Yes, a new mom is supposed to be eating a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a treat here and there. Being limited to only a few indulgences, there is nothing better to eat than chocolate. Unlike other unhealthy snacks, chocolate at least has some benefits and may improve moods. The feel-good effect from a chocolate snack can be a crucial aid during stressful moments. You can avoid feeling guilty by pairing your chocolate gift with fruit or nuts, which add additional nutrition.

Awesome New Mom Gifts For The Baby

These are some unique baby gifts that will make exceptional additions to your new mom gift basket. Remember that it’s important to research any purchase before giving a product to a child or intended for a child.

Noise Canceling Infant Headphone

I’m sure many parents have considered buying earmuffs for themselves, but buying a pair for the baby probably never occurred to them. I like this because it solves issues for both the parents and child. Children can experience anxiety in loud areas or wakeup during parent’s rest time due to a sudden noise. By using earmuffs, situations like those can be avoided easier. Limiting the child’s hearing is also a safer choice than the parents limiting their hearing.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a good gift that helps promote the newborn’s safety while also providing ease of mind for the parents. When a baby starts crying, you check on them. When a baby stops crying, you check on them. This constant cycle of ensuring nothing is wrong can become tiring. A baby monitor can cut back on a lot of wasted energy, allowing the parents to enjoy their breaks better. It’s one of the best new mom gifts for helping with anxiety formed around safety concerns.

Padded Bathroom Mat

The bathroom is a harsh interior for both babies and parents who have to kneel down. This is an exceptionally thoughtful gift that will spare a new mom a world of discomfort. If I was a betting person, I would bet that your gift recipient didn’t give bathroom kneeling any thought, whatsoever. It’s one of those odd inconveniences that seems obvious but only in hindsight. The functionality of this cool new mom gift idea is seen as invaluable by many who use it.

Baby Plush Blanket

Parents can never have too many baby blankets. Because they are bound to get dirty and need washing often, it helps to have a large stash. Small plush blankets can be great additions to their arsenal. They are made to be compact but also extremely comfortable and warm. Some even come with little hoods to ensure the baby’s head remains protected. In addition, most models are now designed to prevent them from being kicked off, which helps reassure parents the baby will stay covered at night.

Good Gifts For New Moms That Are Going To Impress

Are you impressed with this list? Hopefully, you found a good assortment of items to fill your cool new mom gifts basket. I included a variety of gift ideas that range in affordability to make this list relevant for any reader. If you still didn’t find gifts that suit your intentions, I hope this article at least gave you an idea as to what you should look for.

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