[12 Stunning] Kawaii Gifts | Clothing Ideas For Teen Girls

Are you looking for kawaii clothing as a gift for a teenage girl? If so, you are probably left scratching your head about what to get. Unless you are a fellow kawaii lover, you probably aren’t aware of what’s considered fashionable.

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

Kawaii isn’t really a fashion-type but rather a description. It is Japanese for the word, “cute”. However, while cute is subjective, there are some trends that kawaii clothing follows. It is usually one or more of the following:

  • Brightly colored or Pastel – sometimes the color is all it takes to make a piece of fashion considered kawaii clothing.
  • Oversized or Free-flowing – Oversized clothing gives the impression of being child-like which is considered cute. Free-flowing gives the impression of light-heartedness and is usually seen with skirts and dresses.
  • Informal – Kawaii clothing makes no effort to conform or hide personality. It is often a very individualistic style and commonly features graphics of adorable characters/animals.
  • Multi-piece – Part of the individualistic nature of kawaii clothing also comes from the fact that there is no uniform approach to an outfit. You can mix several pieces or even just wear oversized sweatshirts as dresses.

The best kawaii clothing for teenage girls keeps changing

The main thing to take away is that kawaii clothing is subjective and trends can change. What is “cute” today might not be cute in a couple of years. In addition, just because something isn’t labeled as cute, doesn’t mean it can’t be considered kawaii. What you find on the market today that are labeled kawaii is really just the popular trends at the moment. That being said, I still find the categorization helpful.

I think that’s enough explaining. The only way to really describe kawaii clothing is to show you the best examples.

Top Ideas – Kawaii Clothing For Teen Girls

Here is a list of some kawaii clothing that might surprise you. If you are having trouble understanding this fashion style you need to really analyze each entry.

Oversized Nurse Bunny Sweater – OMOCAT

best kawaii clothing nurse bunny sweater

OMOCAT is first on this list because they are a leading group of graphic designers producing original dark kawaii designs. I honestly don’t know of a more unique private group that produces kawaii streetwear based in the US. As a kawaii gift for a teenage girl, this brand will definitely set them apart from the crowd. The Nurse Bunny sweater above is only the tip of the iceberg. OMOCAT has a wide range of apparel and accessories.

Sailor Meow Kawaii Graphic – Ilustrata Design on Redbubble

sailor meow kawaii design

I really wanted to include Redbubble in this list, especially the Sailor Meow design by Ilustrata. Not only is this one of the most popular kawaii designs available, but it also shows the hidden gems on artist-based sites like Redbubble. There are so many incredible artworks that any teenage girl will adore. If you don’t know, Sailor Meow is a parody of the insanely popular anime, Sailor Moon. It’s parody and fanart that makes very memorable gifts.

Cat Paw Mini Skirt With Suspenders – Futurino on Amazon

Skirts with suspenders are a popular trend with kawaii fashion. This cat paw skirt takes that trend to another level of cuteness. If you really want to expand a teen’s kawaii clothing, you need to get the pieces that they can mix and match. Allowing them to put their own spin on outfits is a large part of this fashion style.

LIZ LISA Rose Hime Vintage Dress – Bottega Dado Japan on eBay

rose hime vintage kawaii dress

You are probably surprised to find eBay on this list. eBay is a secret source for some incredible fashion. You have to do a lot of digging but eventually, you find stuff like this rose vintage dress. Bottega Dado Japan is a reseller of unique designer fashion. Many of their items can certainly be considered as good kawaii clothing for a teen.

Gloomy Bunny Black and White Dress – Packitcute on Amazon

If you are looking for the perfect mix of kawaii and goth for your teen recipient, the Gloomy Bunny is here for you. I love how this dress is the perfect balance of light and dark. The puffy sleeves add a nice touch of cuteness to solidify its position among kawaii dresses.

Kawaii Animal Socks – Jeasona on Amazon

Admit it. You know these socks are cute. A real kawaii outfit covers all bases, including socks. If you are worried about buying a gift they won’t like, these socks are a safe bet.

Kawaii Floral Lace Mori Girl Dress – Axes Femme on eBay

floral lace mori girl kawaii clothing

Another beautiful entry from eBay. This Axes Femme dress is sold by an individual who curates many designer outfits. It’s a foreign outfit that will be insanely unique among other clothing. Their selection is far from your general kawaii clothing and can fit a variety of occasions. “Mori” is Japanese for the forest. The style “Mori girl” relates to fairies and woodland themes. I find it to be a great style for girls interested in kawaii clothing but don’t like the common colors associated with it.

Kawaii Fuzzy KneeHigh Socks – Urban Coco on Amazon

Yes, more socks! However, these aren’t just normal kawaii socks. Knee-high socks are a whole separate trend. Think of these as the Asian equivalent to leggings. If your giftee is into kawaii fashion and doesn’t have a pair, you’ll be doing her a huge favor.

Dark Kawaii Fashion Pink Leggings – FrostedSoSweet On Etsy

dark kawaii clothing for teen girls pink leggings

Speaking of leggings, if you search around you can find some amazing styles, especially on Etsy. FrostedSoSweet is a kawaii specialist who also sells some killer hair accessories, pouches, and more. I highly recommend you visit her store to get more creative gift ideas. Cute leggings like the one above are very popular.

High Waist Pleated Skirts – Girstunm on Amazon

Pleated skirts are a huge part of teenage/young adult Asian fashion, the origin of the kawaii trend. However, you may be surprised at the short length of the skirts. Young Japanese women, despite Western perception, are not being forced by schools to wear short skirts. The shortness is part of fashion trends and often against school regulations. If you don’t feel comfortable gifting a short pleated skirt, I suggest looking at the ones on Amazon. Many of them are school-length skirts that go down to or past the knees and still look cute.

Rabbit Ear Poncho – Aza Boutique on Amazon

Animal ear outerwear is huge with kawaii fashion for good reason. This rabbit ear poncho transforms the normal poncho into something really unique and eye-catching. If you want a stunning kawaii gift for a young teen, this is hard to pass up.

Stretch Denim Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger

You are probably wondering what a denim jacket has to do with the best kawaii clothing. I, and many people, find that denim jackets go with practically anything. This is especially true with kawaii clothing. You will see many graphic designs on simple t-shirts. On their own, they are underwhelming, but a denim jacket provides that extra layer needed to make an exceptional outfit. By gifting a denim jacket you can open up a lot of styling options for her.

Keep your mind open about kawaii outfits

The mix and match aspect of kawaii fashion means someone can set an entirely new trend. There is no absolute way to describe “cute”. You should always look at pieces of clothing in terms of what they can be combined with. If you keep that in mind, I’m certain whatever kawaii gift you choose will be well received.

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