11 Best Crazy Cat Lover Gifts Ideas That Are Purrfect

best cat lover gifts ideas

Crazy cat lover gifts aren’t hard to come by. In fact, the problem is that there are too many to choose from! Let me help you pick out the perfect cat gift based on their needs and personality. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to pick as the perfect gift for that special person.

Cat Lover Gifts For The Obsessed Pet Owner

Does your crazy cat lover talk nonstop about their furry counterpart? Maybe they even have a social media account just for them. If that’s the case, these are the best gift ideas for you. Rather than the pet owner specifically, I’m going to recommend items that emphasize the cuteness and playfulness of their pet.

Personalized Cat Gifts

Personalized cat gifts on Zazzle.com are the ultimate present for a cat owner who can’t stand being separated from her partner in crime. Not only are these available in a variety of many options, but the design is in your hands. Grab a stunning photo of the cat and turn it into a treasured item. If you want to be funny, go to the extreme and get a personalized cat throw blanket made.

Interactive Cat Toys

Who doesn’t love to watch their pet run around, showing off their cuteness? These cat toys offer owners hands-off options to watch their pets have fun. They can relax, take photos, and rest assured that the cat isn’t getting restless. Interactive smart toys move on their own in random directions which helps prevent boredom and getting stuck in corners. Some toys offer an extension that serves to grab the cat’s attention. It’s adorable to watch them swat at it and pursue from place to place.

Hands-Free Pet Sling

Any cat lover that isn’t aware of this item is missing out. A pet sling for a cat owner lets them bring their pet out on more outings. While there are leashes for cats, the sling offers a closer transport option. Keeping the cat near protects them from danger, makes sure you can maintain control of their position, and prevent them from getting fatigued. I also think it looks a lot cuter seeing a cat poke its head out from the sling.

Adorable Cat Costumes

I have a love and hate with cat costumes. On one hand, they are hilarious cat lover gifts that create instant photo-worthy moments. On the other hand, the cat is like I was whenever we had a family photo as a child. Dressing up was the worst and I hated it. That’s why I recommend this gift just to capture a funny moment, particularly for holiday photos. You can even use that moment to create your personalize cat gift.

Gifts For Someone Who Loves Cat Themes

Not everyone who loves cats owns one as a pet. They find the feline image cute but can’t have one either by choice or circumstances. However, you might find them always talking about cats or fawning over someone’s pet. These cat themed gifts are purrfect for these individuals.

Hilarious Cat-themed Tissue Holders

Funny cat-themed gifts like this novelty tissue holder from Amazon are great for any occasion. Light-hearted and fun, it’s hard to imagine someone that won’t have a laugh at such a sight. I couldn’t pass on recommending this gift. It’s too good. You might be surprised to learn that humorous tissue holders are actually popular and have several options.

Funny Wall Art Cat Lover Gifts

Maybe your giftee hasn’t discovered the proper use of their wall space yet. There’s no better way to show them than with funny cat-themed wall art. I can’t get enough of these creative pieces. There are steampunk cats, abstract, realistic, watercolor, and more varieties to choose from. These are an especially good cat lover gift for someone living in a small space. It doesn’t add to any clutter and makes any decor better.

Cat-themed Throw Blankets

Cat lover gifts can also be multi-functional. Not only do these cat-themed cotton blankets from Amazon offer comfort but they can also be incredible decorations. Artistic and vibrant, these would make any cat enthusiast scream with glee. Your giftee can wrap up at night or spread it across the couch for added interest. Although most are historical themed, there is a cat battling a robot design that I personally want. Just be warned that the cat might claim this gift for itself.

Wooden Cat-themed Decor

Similar to wall decor, these wooden blocks are perfect for adding interest to a small space. Because they are free-standing, they offer more versatility in placement. This is a good cat lover gift for someone who wants to extend their love to the workspace. These blocks can stand upright on a desk and let everyone know they are approaching a cat lover. The real selling point with wooden blocks is the typography available for them. You can find an array of funny statements that will have readers laughing.

Cat Lover Jewelry Gifts

It’s not hard to see the appeal of these cute items. As you can witness in my Lucky Cat Pendant review, cat-themed jewelry can be absolutely stunning. Designers have been paying attention to consumer passions and give us a number of unique choices. From cat-themed necklaces to earrings, just about anything you can think of is out there. Though buying jewelry for someone can be tricky, it’s one of the best options for cat lover gifts.

Cat Lover Gear and Accessories

If the cat lover gift you are looking for is intended for kids, teens, or young adults, gear and accessories are the way to go. Not only can you get printed items, but designers go a step further. You can find plenty of items made to resemble the features of cats. From backpacks with cat faces to headphones that mimic cat ears, the gift selection is plentiful. I know that cat ear headphones are very popular right now. It’s an excellent gift for a cat-loving gamer. Consider these pairs on Amazon.

Cat-themed Clothing

When in doubt, a funny piece of clothing can accomplish the job easily. Out of all the options mentioned, nothing has more variety than clothing. You can get your recipient an awesome design like the Catpuccino sweater from Amazon, or even have your own design made and printed. I have ordered custom printed items myself and quality can be outstanding. Unfortunately, similar to jewelry, cat-themed clothing can be tricky to pick out for someone. Not only do you need their sizing, but you also have to understand the sizing of the clothes you order. Some fit true to size and others are often unreliable with sizing.

Crazy Cat Lover Gifts Galore

As you can see, it’s cat lover gifts galore and just a matter of choosing. We’ve gone from personalized cat gifts down to cute clothing. No doubt you’ve seen something that struck a chord. However, if you still haven’t gotten an idea for the best cat lover gift, I suggest you search cat lover gifts on Amazon.com. Even as an associate, I am genuinely impressed with the selection of cute and adorable items sellers have to offer. For my product reviews, I get tempted to do mostly cat-themed gifts because I personally find them stunning.