10 Killer Ugly Christmas Sweaters | Funny Gifts For Geeks

These are the hottest ugly Christmas sweaters for geeks available. Get your geek on with some funny officially licensed fan merchandise including Pokemon, Batman, Marvel, Nintendo, more from DC, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Not only are these fun ugly Christmas sweaters great gifts for nerds, but they look really badass. The color and artwork are all done top-notch and the design covers the whole fabric.

Finding the best gifts for geeks isn’t always the easiest of tasks, especially if you aren’t part of any particular fandom that they are. There are so many unimpressive items to choose from that it becomes nearly impossible to decide what would make a good present. These ugly Christmas sweaters take the guesswork out of the equation. Not only are they phenomenal, but they are also stylish enough to wear any time of the year. Just see for yourself. Click any image or title to go to the product.

Epic Pokemon Christmas Sweater

pokemon gift ugly xmas sweater

The original lineup is here to spread the holiday cheer. Featuring Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, this Pokemon Christmas sweater is a fan’s dream. It even has the same color palette as a Pokeball. Overall, a great gift for Pokemon fans and a way to up your style this holiday season.

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser

mario nintendo funny ugly christmas sweater gift

There’s no reason even enemies can’t be friends on the holidays. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser come together in this awesome sweater. Whether you need the perfect Super Mario Bros gift or just want to rock out in some awesome apparel, this gets the job done. Nothing says fun more than wearing these iconic characters from such a classic game.

The Gremlins Are Coming

gremlins funny ugly christmas sweater

This is a shoutout to the real geeks who remember and love this crazy series of movies. Back when they used to have fun with the horror genre, Gremlins was one of the best. This Gremlins funny ugly Christmas sweater features a flasher and her buddies in the back. Great fun and sure to make people who recognize it laugh.

Ghostbusters Ugly Christmas Sweater

ghostbuster funny ugly christmas sweater gift

I can’t have this list without including Ghostbusters. A defining movie for science fiction comedy, this sweater is a tribute and the perfect funny gift for a Ghostbuster fan. Featuring all of the holiday colors in an eerie fashion, what’s not to like?

Batman Symbol Christmas Sweater

batman ugly christmas sweater dc gift

Have you seen a better color layout for a Batman Christmas sweater? This one is freaking awesome. The design is perfect for those who don’t like the lighter theme of most holiday designs. Of course, it’s also the perfect gift for any Batman fan.

Superman Comic Sweater

superman ugly christmas sweater comic book gift

A Superman sweater for the OG fans that grew up with the comics. This will certainly make you stand out in a super way. Though I’m not sold on the colors, this gets a place for it’s a callback to the original source material.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Christmas Sweater

harry potter ugly christmas sweater gift

This is one kickass Harry Potter gift. Though it’s an “ugly” Christmas sweater, the design and color make it look better than most regular sweaters. Any Harry Potter fan would be thrilled to get this. Hogwarts graduates unite and sing praise for this magical apparel.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Ugly Christmas Sweater

skyrim ugly xmas sweater nerd gift

Oh, Skyrim. The countless hours of fun you provided, shouting people and animals off of cliffs. Good times. This Elder Scrolls: Skyrim sweater brings back those memories. Simple and clean, just how a Nord likes it. Just be careful. Wearing this might make the person spontaneously yell like a mad man and push people 50 feet as they embrace their inner dragonborn.

Star Wars Lack Of Cheer Christmas Sweater

star wars darth vader funny ugly christmas sweater nerd gift

Not having enough holiday cheer is a serious offense. Show people the dark side of Christmas with this cool Star Wars Darth Vader sweater. Just don’t go around choking people…too much. The added fighters on the sleeves are a nice touch. I can’t imagine a better nerd gift this Xmas.

Princess Peach Christmas Sweater

princess peach funny ugly christmas sweater nerd gift

Didn’t think I forgot about the female nerds, did you? This Princess Peach sweater is all you need to make an impact this holiday season. I would have loved to see more iconic female designs but supply follows demand. That’s why every girl geek needs this as a gift right now. Show them there’s a need for more.

Actually, there is more

This list of Christmas sweaters for geeks represents only a fraction of what’s available. Click below to see the full inventory. More Harry Potter, more Star Wars, more Marvel, etc. If you didn’t find what you need here, just look for yourself and I’m sure the perfect gift will catch your eye.

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