10 Brilliant Ideas For The Best Bird Lover Gifts

best bird lover gifts ideas

The best bird lover gifts are ones that consider the giftee while also, feeding their enthusiasm. These unique gifts will hit the mark! Your recipient will look like a bird when the fly up and down with excitement.

However, before you can start brainstorming, it’s important to understand the different types of bird lovers.

Bird watchers like to see birds carrying out their daily activities. The living beauty of the small animal is what they really love. Sometimes they enjoy bird-themed gifts but they really like gifts that help with the observation of birds.

Specific bird lovers have a bird or a select few that they absolutely adore. While common birds might not make them excited, seeing something they treasure, like a cardinal, can make them ecstatic.

Bird Enthusiasts, aka true bird lovers, want any bird-themed gift they can get their hands on. From jewelry to decor, anything that displays beautiful birds has a place in their hearts. Bird lover gifts for enthusiasts can also consist of gifts specified for the other types.

Now that we have clarified the types of bird lovers, let us move on to the exciting part. The gift ideas!

Gifts For Bird Watchers

These bird watcher gifts take into account their love for birds and their passion for being outdoors. I aim to provide gift ideas that focus on utility rather than aesthetics. Bird watching is an active hobby and superficial gifts like novelty shirts and mugs aren’t super special for this group.

Spotting Scope Kit

If your bird watcher is still sticking with the old fashion binocular setup, this spotting scope kit from Amazon will be the perfect gift. The compact gadget lets you mount a phone to the lens and magnify the vision. It brings the bird watching hobby into the modern era.

I have done a bit of bird watching myself and the best shots are always out of reach. Either my camera can’t focus far enough or the bird is spooked as I close the distance. Having this would have allowed me to catch a lot of rare moments.

Window Sill Bird Feeder

This is a new one for me and I can’t believe I never found such a great item until now. A window sill bird feeder will be a very appreciated gift for bird watchers. It sticks to outer window surfaces via suction cups, making it very versatile.

This item is perfect for when they want to observe birds from the comfort of their homes. Simply set it, fill with feed, and wait for the birds to find it. Because birds can’t see through windows easily, you can get real closeup footage of common and unique species. Available here on Amazon.

Outdoor Heavy-duty Backpack

Rare birds are often found in tough places. Bird watchers are often avid hikers who go many lengths for good footage. Traveling rough terrain requires heavy-duty equipment that some watchers wait to get. That’s where you come in.

Hiking gear is an awesome gift for outdoor-loving bird watchers. Not only are they useful but they also show the consideration you put into your gift choice. In addition to backpacks, Winter wear is another good choice to help watchers who enjoy winter shots.

I, personally, never met a bird watcher who didn’t love winter photos, especially of the more colorful species.

Specific Bird Lover Gifts Ideas

Bird lovers who have a specific favorite require a different approach. Rather than addressing outdoor needs like with bird watchers, we need to address their favorite species of bird instead. It is easier to accomplish this with certain gifts than others.

Bird-themed Jewelry

Jewelry is a great gift for bird lovers. The most popular birds are often available as a necklace, ring, or bracelet. The qualities of these unique pendants are often surprising. I have bought several and find that they are well worth the price.

The only problem with bird-themed jewelry is that it’s a size and gender-oriented gift. I haven’t found many gender-neutral options and the chains are often small. However, in terms of beauty, these are unmatched.

You can see more here on Amazon.

Decorative Bird Feeder

Decorative bird feeders are excellent because they can attract a specific bird, as with hummingbird feeders, or they can feature the artwork of a specific bird. I also enjoy the added value they have of looking great. These can also be considered an improvement of the outdoor decor.

When getting a bird feeder as a gift, also consider a bird feeder pole. Birds attracted by feeders can create a mess. This can ruin the goodwill of your present and the aesthetic of certain outdoor spaces like a patio. A pole placed directly in a garden bed is enough to prevent this issue.

Bird Paintings

Bird paintings are a timeless gift. Not only can they capture the beauty of the winged animals but it also allows for creative effects. There are many paintings available for specific birds on Amazon but even if you can find the right one, you can have an artist make it. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr have artists that can draw your own unique image. With it you can get a custom print from sites like Canvas Champ.

When getting a painting made, it’s important to know what size and file type you need. Be sure to have that information ready for the artist and make sure they can do it to the specifications that you need, before ordering.

Gifts For Bird Enthusiasts

We’re finally at the fun part. Not only do the gifts above work for bird enthusiasts but anything bird-themed is fair game! This opens up the option for a lot of fun and unique bird-themed gifts that they will be crazy for.

Decorative Bird Houses For Outside

Decorative bird houses for outside are a staple gift for bird lovers. You can never have enough and the decorations make them a joy to look at around the garden. I really like this gift because it not only serves the bird lover, but it also provides wildlife shelter.

Bird houses come in many styles but the best, in my opinion, and the rustic wood-based houses. One thing to note is that some wood options need to be treated with a non-toxic water repellent to increase longevity. There are many decorative bird houses for outside on Amazon or you can make your own with simple instructions.

Bird Decor

There’s nothing better than the real thing but unfortunately, no one can sit and watch birds 24/7. For the bird lover that can’t stand taking a break from seeing them, bird decor is the perfect gift. From bird statues to decorative throw pillows, there are enough decor options to have bird lover gifts for a lifetime.

I find that with decor, sets make a bigger impact than single items. You should establish a theme and create a gift set that they would enjoy. The most common method is to buy a bird-themed pillow and comforter set that goes well together.

Toys For Pet Bird

Bird lovers often have pet birds (who would have thought). Sometimes the most meaningful gift you can give them isn’t a bird-themed item, but a toy for their pet. Pets are wonderful animals that become part of our family. Giving to them shows you have consideration for what the person holds dear.

Every pet bird has different requirements. A toy for a small bird can be too delicate for a larger bird. It’s important to consider this when deciding what to buy. I think chewing toys are great because they not only act as a gift but can keep the bird from chewing other things. That’s something any bird owner would appreciate.

Novelty Bird Lover Gifts

Surprise your giftee with something they have likely never seen before. From artful mugs to funny shirts, this gift option has a lot of possibilities. A bird lover gift that makes them laugh is or dance with glee is priceless.

I enjoy ceramic mugs because their weight gives them the feeling of an expensive gift and the artwork is phenomenal. Though some of these mugs aren’t microwaveable, that’s a small sacrifice for the uniqueness. I’m sure any bird lover would agree.

You can see a ton of ceramic mug options available here on Amazon.

Happy Gifting

There’s my simple guide for the best bird lover gifts. Hopefully, there is a unique bird-themed present here that you didn’t think of. If I had to choose a favorite it would be the decorative bird houses for outside. I like the thought of providing a gift and shelter all with one item.

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